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Volume 24 No. 159

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     The finals of Anderson Consulting's World Championship of
Golf, which has the best players from golf tours around the world
(according to the SONY rankings) competing for a $3.65M purse,
will be held in Scottsdale in December 1995.  The Anderson
Consulting Championship is sanctioned by the PGA Tour, PGA
European Tour, Japan PGA Tour, Austral-Asian Tour and FNB Tour of
South Africa.  The event is the world's richest with the winner
receiving $1M and the runner up receives $500,000.  "Big money
postseason events in the past had been greeted with mixed
reactions from the game's best players," but PGA Commissioner Tim
Finchem feels the event "will be very well-received."  ESPN
carries the semifinals and ABC the final.  Over 300 hours of TV
coverage from the regionals, semi-final and final rounds will be
aired in over 40 countries (Bill Huffman, ARIZONA REPUBLIC,

     This morning, Apex President & CEO Joseph Kirchner released
the following statement concerning the recent suit in New York's
Supreme Court between Apex and NBA Properties:  "As has been
previously reported, we are currently involved in a dispute with
NBA Properties.  In support of our position, the court ruled on
October 14th that our NBA license is still valid which allows us
to continue the design, selling, and marketing of NBA licensed
apparel.  In summation, we are hopeful that all issues can be
resolved as quickly as possible" (Apex).  NBA Properties revoked
Apex's NBA vendor's license in August over concerns that a line
of Apex apparel conflicted with the rights of another NBA
licensee.  NBA officials declined to comment this morning, citing
league policy against discussing on-going litigation (THE DAILY).

     ESPN's "Cover Story" examined the marketing of the color
black in pro sports apparel.  ESPN's Bob Ley: "Is this a
coincidence?  The top five marketing teams in the NHL all use
black as a predominate uniform color.  Two of football's top six
teams in terms of sales -- they wear black.  Two of the NBA's top
three, and three of baseball's top four -- they all wear and
market the color black."  Ley adds: "Black is mean ... and the
color black sells."  Scott Carmichael, VP of Marketing for the
L.A. Kings:  "I see a lot of people around the country and around
North America wearing the Kings colors and I am not so sure that
they are Kings fans, though some of them are, some probably buy
it for the color."  Ley noted the Sacramento Kings and the
Cavaliers changed their uniform schemes to include black, and the
expansion NFL Panthers "are on the black list, too."  Asked
whether black will over-flood the market, Michael Nichols,
publisher of TEAM LICENSING BUSINESS: "There is so much product
out there already, how do you make yourself different.  Right
now, instead of black, we are seeing a lot of teal, purple and
silver."  The piece also addressed the issue of whether black is
used simply to appeal to urban youths.  N.Y. POST columnist Phil
Mushnick:  "These are all gang-favored colors. ... We have
allowed our most violent street gangs in this country to serve as
the sports world's unpaid fashion consultants."  NFL President
Neil Austrian said the league is concerned when "school
principals say that they don't want Raiders gear or any
professional logo into school":  "It suggests that it is, in
fact, a problem.  And I think we feel we have a responsibility to
try and deal with that" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 10/19).

     Cobra Golf Inc. reported a net income of $7.1M for the
quarter ended September 30, an increase of 355% from the same
period last year.  The company's net sales increased by 176% from
last year to $35.1M.  The company says the increase in net sales
is due to continued demand for its full set of oversized golf
clubs -- the King Cobra, Lady Cobra Oversize, and Senior King
Cobra.  The company's primary focus is on oversize and graphite
shafted clubs marketed under the King Cobra brand name (Cobra).
Cobra was +2 3/8 yesterday.

     CISL Detroit Neon GM Ron Campbell is the CISL Executive of
the Year.  Campbell oversaw operations for the expansion Neon in
their first season, in which the team attracted the highest
attendance in the league.  The Neon also set a record with nearly
$1M in corporate sponsorship revenue and has been lauded for some
of the best in-game promotions in the CISL.  Campbell is also
Exec VP of Finance for the Pistons.  CISL Commissioner Ron
Weinstein credited the Neon with projecting a "major league
image" (CISL).

     The NBA and McDonald's Japan announced the launch of a 45-
day promotion themed "Be the Best, NBA."  The campaign will
include 25 million game cards featuring hundreds of thousands of
NBA licensed products, to be given away with McDonald's "extra
value meals."  Michael Jordan is featured prominently on the game
cards, as well as the TV promotions.  NBA Properties VP & GM for
Marketing David Schreff said "the magnitude of the McDonald's
Japan campaign illustrates the growing Japanese interest in the
NBA."  Dentsu, Inc. of Japan is producing 30- and 15-second
commercials aimed at reaching each Japanese viewer 20 times
during the promotion.  The game cards themselves are specially
designed to feature Jordan, the customer's possible prize, an NBA
team logo sticker, and facts about an NBA team.  In-store
promotions include Huffy Backboards in several hundred McDonald's
parking lots for consumers to try out newly-won basketballs.
Prizes will include the basketballs, NBA logo jackets, and '94
logo pins (NBA).

     Miller Genuine Draft has opened an "MGD Tap Room" on the
World Wide Web -- which "is becoming the Internet's most popular
and creative site."  The "virtual pub" will provide cyber-junkies
with information on trends in sports, music, fashion, nightlife,
and art.  James Taylor, Brand Director of MGD and MGD Light:
"The imagery of the MGD tap room is ideal because like
traditional tap rooms, our virtual tap room is a place where
people can go to find out what's going on and share information.
MGD is perfect for providing a forum for anyone interested in
tapping into latest happenings in popular culture."  The Tap Room
can be accessed on the World Wide Web at  Comments and questions can be e-
mailed at anytime to the MGD Tap Room at
(Miller Brewing Co.).
     ARTISTIC LICENSE:  According to this morning's WASHINGTON
TIMES, Philip Morris -- which owns Miller Brewing -- "breached
philanthropic protocol and broke with its own tradition of
strings-free giving last month when it asked New York arts groups
to put in a good word for the company with city lawmakers
deliberating a harsh anti-smoking law."  The report says company
execs in late September "telephoned grantees and asked them to
say a kind word about the company" to NYC City Council Speaker
Peter Vallone.   Darienne Dennis, Philip Morris spokesperson:
"There is no quid pro quo."  William Murray, spokesperson for The
Brooklyn Academy of Music, a recipient of Philip Morris funding:
"The request was to show support for Philip Morris as a supporter
of the arts in New York City, and, from our regard, the
performing arts especially" (Tony Munroe/Nelson Pressley,

     ABC Sports' Lynn Swann and clothing designer Nicole Miller
have teamed up to sponsor three charity sports events in Chicago,
Denver and Philadelphia for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.
Tickets and raffles are expected to raise $20,000 per event.
Nicole Miller designs silk ties with sports motifs -- including
the NFL's 75th anniversary and Monday Night Football's 25th
(Nicole Miller).

     A poll by Video Storyboard ranks the nation's top celebrity
sports endorsers, and is based on a survey of 2,200 consumers.
Here's the top ten:  (1) Michael Jordan; (2) Nancy Kerrigan; (3)
Shaquille O'Neal; (4) Charles Barkley; (5) Bo Jackson; (6) Joe
Namath; (7) Magic Johnson; (8) David Robinson; (9) George
Foreman; (10) Lawrence Taylor (Michael Hiestand, USA TODAY,
10/20).  "Entertainment Tonight" also ran a piece on Video
Storyboard's sports list.  ET's Mary Hart noted that Kerrigan "is
the only woman athlete ranked this year" and that Jordan topped
the lists, even though he retired last season.  Dave Vadehra,
President of Video Storyboard:  "The fact that he quit basketball
at the peak sort of enhances his image that he is not only in it
for the money."  AD AGE's Jeff Jensen:  "Because of some great
advertising, some unforgetable advertising for Nike and
McDonalds, he is part of our pop culture consciousness and will
continue to be so for some time" ("ET," 10/19).