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     NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, two NHL VPs and Devils Owner
John McMullen held a luncheon interview with reporters from the
NEW YORK TIMES.  Bettman promised an announcement soon on
potential game cancellation and addressed the current state of
negotiations.  Bettman said 40-50 games were necessary for a
season to be considered legitimate, but that the warm weather's
effect on some rinks would prevent games after June.  On the
stall in negotiations, Bettman said he thought the players "might
be waiting to see 'if maybe the owners are going to blink.'"  In
defending the owners' proposal, McMullen compared teams owned by
individuals to those owned by corporations (namely the Blues and
Rangers):  "If you have no money of your own invested in it, and
your job depends on your ability to put a winning team out there,
as long as your boss doesn't cut you off, you just keep spending"
(Joe LaPointe, N.Y. TIMES, 10/19).
     TOUGH TIMES?  In Toronto, Bob McKenzie reports that
unhappiness with the Times' coverage was the reason for the
meeting:  "Seems the league hasn't been impressed by the tone of
coverage by Times reporters and columnists during the owners'
lockout" (TORONTO STAR, 10/19).
     REFUNDS:  The NHL planned to announce its ticket-refund
policy around November 1, but that has been pushed up -- "perhaps
today" (Len Hochberg, WASHINGTON POST, 10/19).  The NHL clubs
have received the first draft of a proposed policy with an
announcement expected after suggestions return from the teams.
Single-game purchasers are likely to be offered the option of a
refund or credit; season-ticket holders would receive refunds on
a monthly basis on games that have been officially canceled.
Clubs could also offer season-ticket holders credit toward the
'95 playoffs or the '94-95 season (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver
PROVINCE, 10/19).  At an average of 10,000 season tickets per
team (estimated at $30 each), and a going rate of 3.2%, Dave
Luecking computes that NHL owners have earned $519,715 in
interest to date on season-ticket revenue (ST. LOUIS POST-
DISPATCH, 10/19).
     LOOK WHO'S NOT TALKING:  Bettman and NHLPA Exec Dir Bob
Goodenow "cannot even decide who will call whom" (WASHINGTON
POST, 10/19).  NHLPA spokesperson Steve McAllister:  "There's
nothing scheduled.  Bob is here and we're waiting to hear
something" (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 10/19).
     ALL EARS:  The Whalers held a fan forum with about 350
season-ticket holders and corporate backers. Whalers Owner Peter
Karmanos:  "I would be happy to return a quarter of the season
ticket money, with interest, and maybe the players will start to
believe we're really serious about it" (Viv Bernstein, HARTFORD
COURANT, 10/19).  The Sharks plan a similar session today (SAN
     THE BOB & BURKE SHOW:  NHL Senior VP & Dir of Hockey
Operations Brian Burke took his tour of NHL cities to Southern
California, while NHLPA Exec Dir Bob Goodenow "returned fire"
from Burke's Monday Vancouver stop.  Goodenow refutes the claim
that the NHL wants to help small-market teams:  "They want to
control expenses and they want the players to take the brunt of
it" (Jack Keating, Vancouver PROVINCE, 10/19).  Burke, on the
lull:  "If this goes on to a serious length it will start to look
silly.  Our phone numbers work too, you know.  Nobody on their
side has a broken finger" (Helene Elliott, L.A. TIMES, 10/19).
     SOMETHING BRUIN' IN BOSTON?  Bruins President & GM Harry
Sinden sent a letter to his players this week explaining the
league's position.  Bruins center Adam Oates:  "I'm not a lawyer,
but it (owners' proposal) sounds good on paper" (Dave Fuller,
TORONTO SUN, 10/19).  But Bruins defenseman Don Sweeney takes
issue with the owners' promise of guaranteed salaries, arguing
that while team levels may remain stable, players on the lower
end of the salary scale will be hurt (Stephen Harris, BOSTON
HERALD, 10/19).
     YAWN?  CNBC's Sue Herera:  "The hockey season is still
delayed but Americans don't seem to care."  A CNBC/Opinion
Research Corporation poll of 1,000 adult fans found:  78% do not
care that the NHL season has not started; 83% do not care if NHL
season is cancelled completely; 81% believe pro athletes are
overpaid; 61% say there should be a salary cap in the NHL
("Market Wrap," CNBC, 10/18).
     NEXT BEST THING?  Attendance is up for the Ontario Hockey
League -- one of Canada's three major junior hockey leagues -- at
a rate of 557 more fans per game.  The boost  is attributed to
the NHL lockout and the absence of post-season Blue Jays "hoopla"
for the first time in three years.  The OHL averaged 2,767/game
in '93-94 (TORONTO SUN, 10/19).