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Volume 24 No. 159

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     ITT has indefinitely delayed the construction of its $750M,
3,500 room Desert Kingdom casino complex.  The company has
decided to review its plans with three major new resorts are
opening in Las Vegas, with a total of 10,500 rooms.  There is
concern that profits would be "squeezed" if visitors spend more
time sightseeing than "pumping quarters" in slot machines.  ITT
will continue its $85M expansion of Desert Inn and its Sheraton
Hotel chain may decide to acquire existing casino sites (Pauline
Yoshihashi, WALL STREET JOURNAL, 10/17).

     On yesterday's "Wall Street Journal Report," Ian Hunter
examined television affiliate changes.  One unidentified woman on
the street said, "Right now I am totally confused when looking
for football games."  Betsy Frank, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising:
"Our concern is that viewers are going to have a tougher time
finding their shows and that ratings are going to fall off and
that the time that we buy from those shows will not deliver the
way we expected it to deliver for our clients" ("Wall Street
Journal Report," PBS, 10/16).....ESPN has awarded a year of free
college tuition, room, and board to Cory Clouse, an engineering
student from Cleveland, for making a halfcourt shot Friday night
during "Midnight Madness" activities at the University of
Cincinnati (ESPN, 10/15)....The American Stock Exchange has begun
trading IPO shares of The Sports Club Company, a Santa Monica-
based developer and operator of sports and fitness clubs.  The
company is co-developing the new Reebok Sports Club/NY with
Reebok International (American Stock Exchange)....The World
Hockey Summit will be held in Boston July 6-8, 1995.  The Summit
will feature seminars on the business of hockey, state of the
sport, playing the game, and a trade exposition and career
seminar.  For info contact World Hockey Summit c/o USA Hockey, 1-
800-566-3288 (BOSTON GLOBE, 10/16).

     Philip Morris USA begins running a print campaign today "to
promote its positions on issues like choosing to smoke and
accommodation between smokers and nonsmokers."  Under the
headline "We Want You to Know Where We Stand," the ads   -- which
appear in major newspapers and magazines such as the NEW YORK
TIMES, USA TODAY, and TIME -- invite toll-free calls for more
information about the company's positions.  Ellen Merlo, Philip
Morris spokesperson:  "It has not always been easy to communicate
our positions to the American public because of the emotion and
bias surrounding tobacco issues and the way they are generally
     OTHER ADVERTISING NEWS:  Anheuser-Busch is replacing the
"Proud to be your Bud" campaign with "It's always been true ...
this Bud's for you"....Zima is broadening its advertising
campaign with the theme of "zomething in common," and will
feature 20-something consumers "enjoying themselves in group
activities" (N.Y. TIMES, 10/17)....TWA says it is looking for a
St. Louis-based ad agency and will not renew its contract with
Bates Worldwide at the end of the year (ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH,
10/16)....Hertz has filed suit against Avis for false advertising
claims about its "Return Valet" service; Avis will file a
counter-suit (N.Y. NEWSDAY, 10/14).

     In Saturday's TAMPA TRIBUNE, Bob Chick by-lined an in-depth
profile of the U.S. trading card industry, which posted sales of
$1.7B in 1994.  "Cards have always survived.  From cigarette and
tobacco products of the early 1900s to caramel and chewing gum
they have weathered financial storms and forecasts of doom." But,
Chick warns that "the make-a-bundle quick is the Achilles' heel
of the card business and more so in 1994 with a frazzled market
and an abundance of product."  HIGHLIGHTS AND NUMBERS:  Baseball
accounts for roughly 50 out of every 100 card sales, basketball
25, football 15, and hockey 10; Fleer reported revenue of $231M
in 1993 and expects $300M this year; Upper Deck is aiming for a
30% market share in 1995 and "is moving into Mexico with football
cards in Spanish and into part of Europe with its basketball
line";  Fleer, Upper Deck, and Topps "control between 75 and 80
percent of all sales"; in 1993 there were approximately 525
national and regional trading card sets for baseball, basketball,
football and hockey -- "about half that number flowed into the
market from normal industry channels, the other half from food,
beverage, restaurants, etc." (Bob Chick, TAMPA TRIBUNE, 10/15).

     Randy Ryan, president of the inaugural John R. Wooden
Classic, has announced new media and sponsorship agreements for
the December 3 college basketball tournament featuring Kansas,
UMass, Kentucky and UCLA.
     TELEVISION:  As part of a deal with the NBC Super Channel,
the Wooden Classic will be broadcast live from the Pond at
Anaheim during prime time in 32 countries in Western Europe,
Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.  Additional international
broadcast agreements are expected to place the tournament in a
total of 80 countries.  NBC Sports Senior VP Jonathan Miller:
"Sports transcends all boundaries, and we are sure that the
Wooden Classic will be a real happening for the NBC Super Channel
     RADIO:  Through Radio Sports Creations and the American
Sports Radio Network, the Wooden Classic will be broadcast live
in over 100 stations in the U.S., and internationally over the
Armed Forces Radio Network.  Warren Williamson, president of
Radio Sports Creations:  "We are thrilled that the John R. Wooden
Classic invited us in.  It obviously means a tremendous amount of
     SPONSORS:  Multi-year agreements have been reached with
Gillette, Jeep-Eagle, NAPA, and Dean Witter.  Ryan:  "With these
agreements, more people throughout the world can tune in to honor
a living legend who not only defines college basketball, but who
is also a great man.  Our goal of insuring the legacy of John
Wooden by creating a first-class event in his honor and having
the opportunity to broadcast it to the world has been achieved"
(John R. Wooden Classic).