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Volume 24 No. 112
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     Former Labor Secretary William Usery, the newly appointed
federal mediator for the baseball situation, "made it clear he
sees no imminent nor easy resolution."  Both Acting Commissioner
Bud Selig  and MLBPA Exec Dir Donald Fehr appeared with Labor
Secretary Robert Reich for the announcement of Usery's
appointment.  No one could say "precisely when representatives of
the owners and the players would resume face-to-face
negotiations" (Kathy Lewis, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 10/15).  But
Fehr said the most likely date would be tomorrow, if new talks
are scheduled at all for this week (Murray Chass, N.Y. TIMES,
10/15).  In Boston, Peter Gammons writes, "How absurd is it that
the federal government has to get involved in something akin to
the battle between Charles and Diana" (BOSTON GLOBE, 10/16).
     FREEZE FRAME:  Fehr told reporters Friday that he expects a
freeze on player transactions to be imposed over the weekend.
But Chuck O'Connor, general counsel of MLB's labor relations
committee, said the teams have no immediate plans for a freeze.
Selig: "I don't want to get into any of that.  We will share all
those thoughts with Bill Usery.  All relevant questions from this
point on will be discussed with Bill Usery."  Four players,
possibly short of the required six years of service, filed for
free agency Saturday:  Jim Abbott, Jack McDowell, Erik Hanson and
Kenny Rogers.  None of the four were accepted by the Player
Relations Committee because they did not have the required six
years of Major League service.  The four needed a full '94 season
to complete the sixth year.  There are about 170 players who are
eligible for free agency; they have until October 29 to file
(Murray Chass, N.Y. TIMES, 10/16).
     CALIFORNIA:  The Angels have pledged 5% interest on season
ticket advances paid by January 13, 1995, if the start of the
season is delayed.  It would make interest retroactive to the
August 12,1994 strike for season-ticket holders.  Angels
President Richard Brown: "We kept racking our brains for an
incentive to bring the fans back" (Phil Rogers, DALLAS MORNING
NEWS, 10/16).