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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Lisa Coles, director of the Patriots cheerleaders for three
years until July, has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against the club
over her firing.  In the civil suit, Coles claims that Patriots
management demanded that she outfit her cheerleaders in "more
suggestive and skimpier" two-piece uniforms and that she change
the dance music to "rock rather than that of black artists."
Coles attorney Fred Golder said that Coles is looking for the
$100,000 she anticipated making this year in commissions, as well
as punitive damages, including for emotional distress: "She
anticipates losing $300,000."  Patriots Public Relations Director
Don Lowery dismissed Coles' suit: "This lawsuit has no merit.  It
is a very minor issue.  You sometimes make changes when there is
a new owner" (Jim Greenridge, BOSTON GLOBE, 10/13).