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Volume 24 No. 156

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     Walt Disney Co. is considering opening a 35,000-square foot,
two-level store at Fifth Ave. and 55th Street in New York
(CRAIN'S NEW YORK BUSINESS, 9/26-10/2 issue)....Puma will re-
enlist Walt "Clyde" Frazier to promote its "Classics" shoe line,
"which has seen a resurgence driven by 'Suedes,' the shoe that
once bore Frazier's nickname, and a more sweeping move across the
marketplace to simple retro styled sneakers."  Ads are likely to
appear in spot network buys on such shows as "Roseanne" and
"Beverly Hills 90210" (BRANDWEEK, 9/26 issue)....The Family
Channel has signed a multi-year continuation of their agreement
with Roush Racing to sponsor Roush's NASCAR Winston Cup Series
Family Channel Ford driven by Ted Musgrave (NASCAR NEWS, 9/94
issue). ....Timberland will spend $120,000 to restore a hiking
trail in a nature reserve in the Swiss Alps.  The company's name
or logo will appear on billboards and signposts along the 7km
route (FINANCIAL TIMES, 9/28)....Chevrolet will be title sponsor
of a new $43,000-plus event in Detroit "designed to tap into the
world's largest bowling market of 250,000 participants.  And if
the first Chevrolet Bowl-Off flies, the company might go
national, hoping to tap into a sport played on a sanctioned level
by 2.7 million men, 2.5 million women and nearly 1 million
youths" (DETROIT NEWS, 9/27). ....Intergold Ltd. of Calgary got
the contract to design and manufacture the NBA championship rings
for the Houston Rockets (CALGARY HERALD, 9/27)....Miller Brewing
signed a 4-year strategic marketing partnership with NTN
Communications to develop interactive programs (BRANDWEEK,
9/26)...."The Garth Brooks Collection" CD has sold 3 million
copies in three weeks -- notable since it is available only at
the McDonald's.  The CD costs $5.99 (WASHINGTON POST, 9/28).

     Lincoln-Mercury and its ad agency, Young & Rubicam, roll out
a $45M, one-day "blitz" tomorrow to introduce the Mercury
Mystique.  The campaign features 24 spots on NBC, 11 pages in USA
TODAY and other promotions.  Y&R Exec VP & Dir of Broadcast Bob
Igiel said the idea occurred to him in January when he noted that
NBC's Thursday night had become one of TV's strongest nights and
the Mystique roll-out was planned for a Thursday.  Igiel:  "We
had these shows that people work very hard to see."  The campaign
is compared to Apple Computer's '84 Super Bowl announcement of
the Macintosh and also seen as a signal that network TV "is far
from dead" (Jay Mathews, WASHINGTON POST, 9/28).

     Local promoters were pleased with the 14,342 attendance of
last night's Stars-Kings NHL exhibition game at the Alamodome,
the largest crowd for a hockey game in the Alamodome.  Robert
Marbut, President of SA One, the Spurs-related sports marketing
group: "This did much better then we thought. ... We had people
coming up buying tickets through the middle of the second period.
They just kept coming."  Tickets for the highest- and two lowest-
priced categories sold out.  Marbut: "When you consider the Kings
drew about 8,000 in Phoenix two nights ago, it speaks very well
for San Antonio."  SA One will sponsor two regular season NHL
games.  Sales reps for the city's new IHL team, the Iguanas, also
like the strong attendance.  Iguanas GM Jim Goodman said interest
is "through the roof the last few days" (SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-
NEWS, 9/28).  For more on NHL exhibition attendance, see the
"Turnstile Tracker" in tomorrow's SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY.