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Volume 24 No. 116

Facilities Venues

     TX state Rep. Kevin Brady said it is "impossible" for
Montgomery County to subsidize a domed stadium for Oilers owner
Bud Adams.  Brady claims that county officials "have known for
four months that they lack the financial firepower" to build on
the site north of Houston, but continued to give the "impression
they could build" such a facility because they want Montgomery
County to be seen as a regional business leader.  Brady: "It is
just that the numbers are impossible.  That is why the rest of us
didn't jump on it."  News that Rockets Owner Leslie Alexander did
not want to move his team to Montgomery County also hurt the
project (John Williams, HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 9/27).

     "Key figures in the effort to get a new baseball stadium in
Detroit are working on plans for financing that include public
ownership."  The plans might include a Wayne County, MI, tax on
hotels, restaurant meals and rental cars.  The tax is allowed
under law, but would require approval by county voters.  The
deadline has passed to put measures on the November 8 ballot, and
the next scheduled countywide election is November, 1996.  Lisa
Ilitch Murray, spokesperson for the Build the Ballpark office,
said it does not matter to the Ilitch family who owns the
stadium.  Tigers owner Mike Ilitch had offered to finance the
$175M construction of a stadium -- if the state put up as much as
$200M to buy land, demolish buildings and reconfigure roads.  But
state bills to provide state funding "stalled ... after critics
said the state shouldn't subsidize a stadium for a wealthy
owner."  Lawmakers are expected to consider a stadium financing
plan between the November 8 election and the end of the year
(Tina Lam, DETROIT FREE PRESS, 9/27).
BUSINESS notes that the strike "isn't a good sign" for Ilitch's
proposed stadium (9/19-26).