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Volume 24 No. 155


     Izzy, the Olympic mascot for the '96 games, will have a
"series of animated specials" that will debut next spring.  A
financial backer has guaranteed three shows, but the Olympic
committee would like a "longer run if they can find funding."
Lunch boxes, backpacks, action figures, and video games will hit
the stores following the series.  Film Roman, the "North
Hollywood animation studio who is responsible for The Simpsons,"
will produce the show.  "The Great Adventures of Izzy" will be
offered in the syndicated market and each show will cost an
estimated $1.3M for production and air time (Turner & Pousner,

     Olympic officials were "forced to concede problems" in their
first test event.  The top finishers in the Pan Am Race Walk Cup
said the hilly course is very likely to cause injuries and
disqualifications in '96 (Jerry Schwartz, NEW YORK TIMES,
9/24)....Tomorrow the USOC and CBS will unveil a series of taped
messages featuring an anti-violence theme for kids and families
with Bonnie Blair, Tommy Moe and Kritsi Yamaguchi (THE
DAILY)....The NHL and the IIHF will get the top pros in the '98
games without "idling the whole league for a month."  They will
seed the six top hockey nations and give them the first week off
while 12 unseeded teams play for two spots. "Since the All-Star
Game would be canceled, clubs would be out of action for only a
week" (John Powers, BOSTON GLOBE, 9/24).