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Volume 24 No. 159
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     KTVU-TV and the S.F. Giants are expected to extend their 36-
year relationship for another five years, a deal which was
threatened by Rupert Murdoch's "now-dormant bid" to buy NBC-
affliiate KRON-TV.  If KRON had gone to Fox, KTVU would have been
NBC's "only realistic alternative" -- and "networks and baseball
don't mix these days. ... NBC doesn't like KRON's pre-emptions
for A's games, and the KRON-A's deal reportedly was an impediment
to Murdoch."  While both the A's and KRON claim to be happy with
the deal, which was done at a timne when the Giants seemed headed
to St. Petersburg.  But the A's "aren't doing KRON much good.
There won't be many places for the A's to go if KRON doesn't re-
enlist."  The A's deal with KRON is up in five years. With the
team for sale, "problems with the next TV contract  contract
could discourage proespective buyers" (Colin Seymour, SAN JOSE
MERCURY NEWS, 9/23)....Buddy Ryan is reportedly looking to go
after ESPN analyst Phil Simms as Cardinals QB and inquired about
his availiability.  Simms: "I can't say waht I'll do until I hear
what it's about" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 9/22).