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Volume 24 No. 155

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     NBC, in conjunction with the Sports Network (SNI), will
broadcast the 1994 Skills Challenge in Phoenix, AZ, on October
15th.  The Skills Challenge pits top PGA pros in a test of
various golf skills.  Now in its third year, the tournament has
received "excellent" overall sales.  SNI VP Don Roennigke:
"Sponsors recognize this as an established event with growing
ratings" (THE DAILY, 9/15).
     KMART GOLF NEWS:  Kmart's recent decision to close 110
stores will "have no effect on its association with the PGA
Tour's Greater Greensboro Open. The existing contract provides
for Kmart's title sponsorship of the $1.5M tournament through
1996." Stanhope Johnson, chairman of the '95 GGO: "Our
relationship is as strong as its ever been" (Helen Rose,
GOLFWEEK, 9/17 issue).