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Super Bowl Media Day Provides Plenty Of Quotable Moments

Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day saw what has become an annual traditional – a mix of reporters asking players about the impending matchup and the predictable questions about non-football topics. Broncos QB Peyton Manning was asked if he was going to appear on this week’s “SNL,” which would air less than 24 hours before kickoff. Broncos Exec VP/Football Operations John Elway said on NFL Network, “Those are the kind of questions you get.” The following are some highlights from the proceedings as shown on NFL Network and ESPN.

  • NFL Network’s Melissa Stark, on why the net should show Broncos WR Eric Decker speaking at the podium: "We may have female viewers out there."
  • Broncos coach John Fox said after being told it was the Chinese New Year, "I'm happy about the Chinese New Year and I'm happy that the animal is a horse." 
  • Stark said of her impressions of the Broncos’ media session, "We know that Deion can interview like the best of them. There wasn't much to get out of the Denver Broncos. They don't quite talk like the Seattle Seahawks." 
  • Giants Senior VP/Communications Pat Hanlon said, "Here's the best barometer of how the Broncos’ Media Day is going: Twitter hasn't blown up. Nobody's making news out here."
  • Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch said "shit" at the beginning of his interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders. The net’s Rich Eisen said, "We apologize for Marshawn Lynch going all 'Beast Mode' on FCC regulations at the top of that conversation."
  • Seahawks DE Bruce Irvin told Sanders, "I can't even watch TV no more. You know why? Because Richard Sherman getting Aaron Hernandez coverage." Irvin said to the camera, "He's a great player, but it's out of control. ESPN, you've got to stop this. It's madness." Sanders said, "We don't do that on our network." Irvin replied, "That's why I only watch NFL Network" (NFL Network, 1/28).
  • Broncos DT Terrance Knighton brought a replica UFC title belt to the proceedings. He said, “I gave it back because the guy that actually had the belt was looking at me funny. So I didn’t want those problems.”
  • Sherman said, “The last week hasn’t been too tough with people trying to dissect my life, because I don’t have anything to hide. I don’t have any bad things in my past” (ESPN, 1/28).