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Past Events

Sports Event of the Year

Eligibility/Criteria – Single game or event, or event series, for professional or collegiate teams, sanctioning/organizing/operational bodies, or national or international governing bodies.

  • The event or series must take place in North America 
  • An event can represent a single game or production 
  • A series can represent a cohesive set of games or events over a period of time, not to exceed 14 days 

Eligibility Period – March 1, 2019 – February 28, 2020

Entry Deadline – Friday, January 17, 2020

Entry Requirements

1. Provide examples of how the event/series:

a. Served as a best-in-class entertainment offering
b. Improved its market and brand strength
c. Generated new revenue and growth
d. Demonstrated excellence, growth, innovation and creativity
e. Initiated or executed projects to give back to the community

2. Explain what the organizers did during the eligibility period to set the event apart from previous years and other events.

3. Provide specific statistical data for the eligibility period on: (include actual numbers and percentage change from the previous year)

a. Overall and average attendance figures
b. Ticket sales, including premium, group and general sales
c. Budget, revenue and profitability
d. Licensing and merchandising sales and revenue
e. Sponsorship, including a list of all sponsors, indicating which sponsors were added in the eligibility period mentioned above and revenue generated from sponsors
f. Viewership and other media measurement details
g. Entertainment elements as part of the event or series
h. Any or all on-site experiential marketing efforts
i. Any or all on-site social responsibility or community outreach components
j. Example of fan engagement levels


Please be as specific as you can in your responses. Please focus your answers on the specific question – submissions that don’t answer the actual question or provide detailed specifics will not be closely considered. 


  • Please be succinct, providing material preferably in 4-6 pages, but in no more than 6 pages.
  • Go to Fill in your contact information and then select "Sports Business Awards." At the next screen, select the appropriate category. On the third screen, follow the instructions on the screen – "Add Files", "Upload" files and "Send my files."
  • Provide as much statistical data to support your entry as possible. If you cannot provide hard numbers, percentages are helpful.
  • Once the nominees are chosen, materials originally submitted during the entry phase will be provided to the external judges for the second phase of judging. NOMINEES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBMIT A NEW ENTRY. Minor addendums (to cover the period from January 17 through February 28) must be approved by Sports Business Journal/Daily. Please contact Tracey Allsbrook at 704-973-1566.

We apologize, the deadline for submitting nominations for this event has passed.