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Best in Sports Technology

Eligibility/Criteria – Technological developments or enhancements for sports that demonstrate innovation, excellence and/or creativity. This includes:

  • Entities that are B2B and/or related to business performance, venues, infrastructure and overall operations
  • Entities whose technology is used by teams, facilities, leagues and/ or events
  • Developments or enhancements that assist teams, leagues, events, agencies, companies or the media in conducting their sports business operations
  • Development of wearable player-tracking technology that has a connection to the professional and/or collegiate sports industry

Emphasis will be given to those technologies that have made a major impact on the market.

Note: Applicants who submit an entry in this category are unable to make a submission in the Best in Mobile Fan Experience category.

Properties that use the technology may want to partner with the company that developed the technology to submit an entry.

Eligibility Period – March 1, 2019– February 28, 2020

Entry Deadline – Friday, January 17, 2020

Entry Requirements

1. Provide specific examples of: 

a. New technologies the company created in the eligibility period 
b. New uses of existing technologies the company employed in the eligibility period 
c. Existing technologies the company improved upon in the eligibility period 

2. Provide specific examples of:

a. How this technology has assisted teams, leagues, agencies, companies or the media in conducting their sports business operations.
b. How this wearable technology has assisted teams and leagues in their sports and business operations.
c. Provide KPIs demonstrating how the technology improved the team/league’s business and overall performance

3. Provide a list of the company’s technology partners or primary clients, indicating which were added or renewed in the eligibility period.

Please be as specific as you can in your responses. Please focus your answers on the specific question – submissions that don’t answer the actual question or provide detailed specifics will not be closely considered. 


  • Please be succinct, providing material preferably in 4-6 pages, but in no more than 6 pages.
  • Go to Fill in your contact information and then select "Sports Business Awards." At the next screen, select the appropriate category. On the third screen, follow the instructions on the screen – "Add Files", "Upload" files and "Send my files."
  • Provide as much statistical data to support your entry as possible. If you cannot provide hard numbers, percentages are helpful.
  • Once the nominees are chosen, materials originally submitted during the entry phase will be provided to the external judges for the second phase of judging. NOMINEES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBMIT A NEW ENTRY. Minor addendums (to cover the period from January 17 through February 28) must be approved by Sports Business Journal/Daily. Please contact Tracey Allsbrook at 704-973-1566.

We apologize, the deadline for submitting nominations for this event has passed.