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Entry Criteria and Categories

Launched in 2008, the Sports Business Awards were established by Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily to celebrate the excellence in the business of sports. The 2019 nominees and winners are being recognized for the period from March 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019.

Selection Process

Once the nominees for the 2019 Sports Business Awards have been selected by a panel of editors, writers and researchers from Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily in March, the selection process then opens up to include a panel of sports industry executives who will serve as category judges. The judge committees, consisting of a mix of industry executives and staff members representing Sports Business Journal/Daily, will evaluate the nominees and determine the category winners by a private vote. The list of judges for each category will be announced in Sports Business Journal following the awards ceremony. The categories for Sports Executive of the Year and Athletic Director of the Year will continue to be judged by an internal panel of editors, writers and researchers from Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily.


The 2019 awards will recognize achievements from March 1, 2018, to February 28, 2019. Entries should contain information relating only to this time frame. While recognizing the global marketplace in sports, emphasis will be placed on those activities and events that occur in the United States and North America.

For 2019

Each entry may include a one-page, single-sided Executive Summary highlighting the contents of the full entry. The Executive Summary will not count towards the limit of eight content pages and five image pages. It is no longer a requirement to submit an entry video for any category. However, it is still permissible to submit entry videos as long as the total length of all videos submitted does not exceed three minutes. Preferred formats include .mov or .wmv.

Entry Procedures

All entries must be submitted via the online entry form. Each entry should contain basic general information (submitted on the entry form), along with information related to the category-specific questions (submitted in your entry materials).

Basic general information must include the following on the entry form:

  • Category entered
  • Name of company, agency, team or league (as it would appear on the award)
  • Top three reasons why the entrant should be nominated. These answers should only include information pertinent to the eligibility period. Answers are limited to 500 characters (including spaces) per reason.
  • Key sports contact, including name, title, phone and email address (the top sports executive, the person most likely to accept the award should the entrant win)
  • Person submitting the entry, including name, title, company, phone and email address (the person who can answer any questions on the entry)
  • Three external references for the entrant (executives not affiliated with the entrant), including name, title, company, phone and email address, who can speak about the entrant if the committee wants additional clarification

Additional basic information to be included in your entry materials:
Budget, growth and other statistical data. (All budget information remains confidential and will not be used for publication purposes).

Category-specific questions:
In your entry materials, submit statistical data, descriptions and examples that address the criteria and questions listed for the category being entered.

Once you click “Submit” on the entry form with the basic general information, you will receive a confirmation with a link to our FTP site. At this point, you can attach materials for the entry. This would include a document detailing answers to the category-specific questions. Additional supporting materials could include Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, collateral materials, video files, etc.

Please be succinct in your answers, providing material preferably in four (4) to six (6) pages, but NO MORE THAN EIGHT (8) TOTAL CONTENT PAGES FROM ALL FILE FORMATS.
You may submit up to five (5) additional pages of photos or images with up to a one-line caption per photo. Each page can contain more than one photo/image.

For entrants who need to make minor addendums to their entry (to cover the period from January 12 through February 28), please contact Maggie MacKenzie at 704-973- 1427 to receive approval and to discuss the process.

Material should be provided separately for each category entered.

Once the nominees are chosen, material originally submitted during the entry phase will be provided to the external judges for the second phase of judging.

NOMINEES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBMIT A NEW ENTRY. Nominees who would like to submit minor addendums (to cover the period from January 12 through February 28) for the external judges must receive prior approval from Sports Business Journal/Daily. Please contact Maggie MacKenzie at 704-973-1427 to discuss this process.

Sports Business Journal/Daily FTP site – material must be submitted via an FTP site. You may submit material up to 1 GB through Sports Business Journal/Daily's FTP site. Go to Fill in your contact information and then select "Sports Business Awards." At the next screen, select the appropriate category. On the third screen, follow the instructions on the screen – "Add Files", "Upload" files and "Send my files."

Other FTP Options – You may also choose to submit material through a third-party file transfer site, such as We Transfer, Hightail etc., or through your company's FTP site or other transfer protocols. The email notification should be sent to Maggie MacKenzie,

Address Entry Questions to: Maggie MacKenzie;; 704-973-1427.

Deadline: Friday, January 11, 2019
All entries and supporting materials must be submitted by January 11, 2019. For supporting materials pertaining to the period from January 12 through February 28, please contact Maggie MacKenzie to discuss the process for adding this information to your previously submitted entry and supporting materials that were received by January 11.

Entry Fees: There is no fee to submit an entry.

Video Materials (for use at the awards ceremony): Entrants selected as nominees will need to submit video highlights to be used during the awards ceremony, which may be streamed live. A request for the video, with format specifications, will be made at the time entrants are informed of their status as nominees. The deadline for the video materials is Friday, April 5, 2019.


Deadline to submit an entry – Friday, January 11, 2019
Nominees announced – Monday, March 18, 2019
Winners announced/Awards presentation – Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Awards Presentation

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
New York Marriott Marquis at Times Square
Winners will be awarded in the following categories:

Note - click on the category name to be taken to the criteria and entry form.