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What Participants Say

“Most information found in current sport management texts is outdated before they are published. Sports Business Journal, however, conveys current, cutting edge data that our students find indispensable. The practical information contained in Sports Business Journal makes our students very marketable by empowering them to effectively communicate with academics and practitioners alike.”
Dr. Robin Ammon Jr. Associate Professor University of South Dakota
Sports Business Daily provides faculty with a real-time industry publication to reference in class, and offers students invaluable insight into the sports industry.”
Dr. Peter Titlebaum Associate Professor University of Dayton
“We encourage our students and alumni to subscribe to Sports Business Journal to get industry information usually inaccessible to them. As students, reading Sports Business Journal provides them with knowledge to perform better in the classroom and to critically analyze the sports industry. Reading it as alumni will give them information to make good decisions and lead the industry.”
Lisa Pike Masteralexis Department Head, Associate Professor, B.S. University of Massachusetts
Sports Business Daily is an excellent addition to the classroom. Students that wish to pursue careers in sports should read this publication everyday, just as business executives read the Wall Street Journal.”
Dr. Ken Shropshire David W. Hauck Professor Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania
“I used the Sports Business Journal for the first time this semester and was very pleased. It added a context to the course and our discussions of issues that would not have been possible otherwise. The articles were timely, relevant and always seemed to highlight exactly the topic we were discussing. It was a wonderful way to bring the concepts alive.”
Julie Heath Professor, Department of Economics University of Memphis