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Benefits of the College & University Program

For Students:

  • Hands-on experience with the same respected resources that sports industry executives use each day.
  • Affordable subscription packages specifically tailored for students.
  • Premium online access to 12-plus years of archives.

For Professors:

  • Complimentary advance copies to get your class started quickly.
  • Semester-long complimentary subscription.*
  • Premium online access to 12-plus years of archives.
  • Student online ordering site with discounted rates and various terms that you can monitor.
  • Teaching tools that include weekly drills, digital In-Depth reports with research assignments, and the end-of-semester wrap-up review.

*With at least 20 paid student subscriptions, the professor teaching the course qualifies for a semester-long digital subscription.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Contact the College & University program manager with any questions.
  • Fill out the New Professor Form.
  • Send an email to register your class and arrange advance copies. As soon as possible, the program manager will send you the online subscription link for your class and an update on any advance copies you may have ordered.
  • The professor can mail the orders in bulk to the program manager for processing.
  • Once orders are received, subscriptions can be mailed directly to each student, emailed digitally or continue being sent to the professor.