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Volume 25 No. 236

Preview of Future Issues

July 1 No Issue


July 8 Facilities: Concessions

How do you satisfy fans whose food tastes run the gamut from the exotic to the traditional? For sports teams and their venues, finding the right answer to that question has never been more important. From fan-friendly pricing to locally sourced ingredients, the sports concessions business model is changing to meet fans’ high expectations.


July 15 Diversity and Inclusion in Sports Business

Building diversity into a sports business organization’s workforce has quickly moved from “nice to have” to “must do.” We look at the strategies and tools use to attract and retain diverse employees and how practicing inclusion — making sure individuals feel appreciated and comfortable sharing their ideas — goes hand-in-hand with these strategies.


July 22 Tokyo 2020: One Year Out

Expectations are high as Tokyo prepares to stage its first Olympic Games since 1964. One year from the start of the Games, we’ll look at what to expect from the 2020 Summer Games, from the construction of venues to innovative technology to cool new sports like surfing and sport climbing. 


July 29 Power Players: Leaders Behind the Scenes in College Sports
Meet the problem-solvers and dealmakers in college sports whose work out of the spotlight is critical often unheralded. They are the high-achieving executives and administrators across athletic departments, media, agencies and corporate partners.


Aug. 5 The Intersection of Sports and Entertainment

No longer is an athlete’s showmanship confined to the field of play. From LeBron James’ SpringHill Entertainment to Steph Curry’s Unanimous Media to Tom Brady’s Religion of Sports, today’s stars are building their brands through movies, documentaries and other entertainment projects and setting a standard for others to follow.


Aug. 12 Sports Business Education 2019

The growth of the sports industry continues to fuel an influx of students seeking degrees in sports management. How do the programs try to distinguish themselves and still prepare their graduates for the workforce? From the classroom, to hands-on training, what can students expect as they chase their dreams to land in sports?


Aug. 19 College Football Preview

College football lines up for a new season with the new ACC Network launch and a host of new faces on the sidelines and in the athletic department offices. We track the changes in the staffs hired to manage these programs and find out how they will manage the growth in the passionate fan bases they hope to reach.


Aug. 26 Tennis 2019

As the opening serve of the U.S. Open approaches, SportsBusiness Journal goes in-depth on professional tennis, from event development to hospitality, from sponsorship base to fan base, from player development to evolution. Learn about the initiatives the sport has in play that will have an impact on growth for years to come.


Sept. 2 NFL Season Preview

As the NFL prepares to kick off its 100th season, Sports Business Journal devotes an entire issue to the people, teams, events and deals that built the $15 billion league that it is today. We’ll cover all aspects of the league’s business, from the NFL’s place in the media landscape to the evolution of the modern football stadium to its influence on pop culture.


Sept. 9 The Social Impact of Sports

The sports world has long been impacted by changes in society, and vice versa. But perhaps now more than ever, everyone from athletes to executives to brands is making their voices heard and contributing to the discussion about the power and influence of sports on our country and our world. Hear from key decision-makers as they explain the impact of these discussions and the initiatives that are improving both sports and society.


Sept. 16 Game Changers

This much-anticipated and popular edition features our annual look at women making their mark in sports. Read the compelling stories of women throughout sports and the paths they took to the roles they play in sports business today. Also, hear their insights and advice for other women trying to break into the industry or make it to the next level.


Sept. 23 Minor League Markets

Our exclusive research will rank the nation’s minor league markets on how well they support their minor league teams, from baseball to hockey. This highly anticipated issue will show where fans turn out despite economic ups and downs in their markets and where minor league clubs are struggling at the gate. 


Sept. 30 NHL 2019

Coming off a memorable season, capped by the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup, the NHL has momentum on its side. As a new season approaches, we’ll talk with league officials and other NHL stakeholders to see the efforts in place to build on those recent successes. Before the first puck is dropped, we’ll review the stories and people you’ll want to watch.