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    Minding My Business With UFC VP/Technical Operations Clint Cox

    Name: Clint Cox Position: UFC VP/Technical Operations Age: 33 Where I’m from: Waco, Texas Where I call home: Las Vegas Cox sometimes is able to unwind by going on a run with his wife Focusing on right now: Content protection and approach to online piracy. Best advice: To know the goals of not just yourself, but your entire department, your stakeholders, your customers, as many people as you can th...

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    Lawsuit Claims UFC Is Illegal Monopoly Limiting Earnings For Fighters

    Published December 17, 2014

    A current UFC fighter and two former competitors "have filed a... UFC in a statement said it will "vigorously defend it... ...torney for the fighters in a statement said, “All UFC fighters are paid a mere fraction of what they wo... ” The attorney said that UFC co-Chair & CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and President Dan... " Le said of UFC, "They control our likeness.

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    Reebok Sees UFC Deal As Portal Into Growing Tough Fitness Business

    Published December 08, 2014

    Reebok believes that its new deal with UFC "will give it a bigger foothold in what it calls... " In addition to UFC’s appeal to younger crowds in the U.S., O’Toole "... We find the UFC really appealing to continue to propel that growt... ...p announcement, Reebok "had already signed former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks and lightwe... ...the works right now, any existing contracts with UFC athletes will still remain.

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    UFC Makes Splash By Signing Former WWE Star CM Punk To Multi-Fight Deal

    Published December 08, 2014

    UFC "made the surprise announcement Saturday night th... ...d the promotion "announced the signing during its UFC 181 pay-per-view broadcast Saturday night." UFC President Dana White said of Brooks, "He wanted t... ...t has "been a consistent presence at ringside for UFC shows, especially since he left the WWE in Januar... " Many are "blasting him and the UFC for creating a freak show.

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    UFC Fighters, Managers Still Figuring Out Impact Of Reebok's $70M Partnership

    Published December 04, 2014

    ...ebok yesterday signed a $70M partnership with the UFC, and the "resulting uncertainty is fueling specul... ...statement, a significant portion is going to the UFC and to the fighters for those UFC sponsorships, which isn't going to happen anymore... was "spending that kind of money to be seen on UFC broadcasts, it must have been because they believ... ...ted for a significant portion of just about every UFC fighter’s total income.

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    Reebok Signs On As UFC's Exclusive Outfitter In Deal Reportedly Worth $70M Over Six Years

    Published December 03, 2014

    ...will "become the exclusive apparel outfitter" for UFC fighters, with a six-year deal worth around $70M,... Starting next July, all UFC fighters "will be wearing Reebok gear during figh... " UFC fighters will have "several different choices of... " UFC co-Chair & CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said that fighter... " UFC Chief Global Officer Garry Cook said there will b... You’re already under contract to the UFC?

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    UFC Announces 45 Events For '15, Including Cards In South America, Europe

    Published November 18, 2014

    For the "first time in its history," UFC yesterday "tipped most of its hand" with the rele... An additional 10 events will "stream live at UFC Fight Pass" in the U.S. Roughly half of the 45 ev... " UFC President Dana White said that the promotion is "... " Previously, UFC had some dates it "targeted" for PPV events, just... ...White has said it was “the worst pay-per-view in UFC history.

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    ESPN Hires Chael Sonnen As UFC Analyst, Not Concerned About Checkered Past

    Published November 12, 2014

    Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has joined ESPN in a multifi... ...fight insight on "SportsCenter" coverage of major UFC events. 14 prior to UFC 180 and will appear throughout the weekend on var... ...OO SPORTS' Kevin Iole wrote it is a "boon for the UFC, because it's a commitment by the most powerful s... ...ould "assume that Sonnen won't just be limited to UFC coverage, either.

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    Dana White Not Worried About Declining UFC PPV Numbers, Talks Up Global Strategy

    Published November 06, 2014 by By Mike Bebernes, Correspondent

    UFC President Dana White brought his usual high level... ...waning PPV numbers this year signaled trouble for UFC.” White highlighted UFC’s broadcast deal with Fox, the popularity of the... ...would get to a level that they could fight in the UFC, and, man, was I wrong. Not everybody can fight in the UFC. ...uild their records and then someday end up in the UFC.

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    Digital Sports Outfit Sqor Inc. Paying UFC Fighters For Social Media Posts

    Published October 14, 2014

    See the listing for SQOR S.F.-based digital sports outfit Sqor Inc. "suddenly seems to be a ubiquitous presence on the social media feeds of professional fighters," as they are "being paid" to use it, according to Ben Fowlkes of USA TODAY. Sqor Inc. VP/Business Development Chris Little said that payment plans "can vary from one athlete to the next," but the "'pay-to-post' program normally tops out at about $4,000 a month." Sqor Inc. Founder & CEO Brian Wilhite said, "I never understood ...

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    UFC Leading Sports Leagues' Fight Against Pirated Video Content Streaming Online

    Published October 09, 2014

    UFC has a six-man team that "monitors the unauthorize... But UFC Dir of Content Protection Clint Cox said that his... priority is pirated online broadcasts, because UFC "makes most of its money from pay-for-per view re... ...ontent, but "no one has been as aggressive as the UFC, which once threatened to sue not only the pirate... ...getting sued are about as high as the chances of UFC banning the closed-fist punch.

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    UFC's Jon Jones Says Brawl With Cormier Cost Him Six-Figure Nike Sponsorship

    Published September 24, 2014

    UFC fighter Jon Jones yesterday indicated that the "i...

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