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TV Timeout: What's In A Name?

The Redskins losing their trademark protection was a featured topic for nearly every news and sports telecast last night and this morning. THE DAILY offers a sampling of different takes on the news:

--NBC's Brian Williams: "The pressure just increased on the Washington Redskins to change their team name" ("Nightly News," NBC, 6/18).

--CBS' Chip Reid: "The Trademark Board said its ruling will not go into effect until all appeals are exhausted. ... That means it could be years" ("Evening News," CBS, 6/18).

--ESPN's Jim Trotter said of the Redskins, "If anything, you can see their position is strengthening and the statement that they made basically leads you to believe that in some ways they're mocking this decision. ... If there's any chance for this name to change, it's definitely going to have to come out of a financial argument more than a moral argument" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 6/18).

--Radio host Dan Patrick: “If you're going to have something that stays there on the front page, that's going to be there on talk shows, that there is going to be change, you have to have momentum with it. It can't start, stop, start, sort of stop, sort of start again. You have to have momentum and this might be that big push, if you want it changed" (“The Dan Patrick Show,” 6/19).

--PFT's Mike Florio: "The thing to watch at some point, is will sponsors become concerned -- both team and NFL sponsors -- to the point where they begin to distance themselves from the organization and from the league? And if that ever happens, then I think you'll see everyone start taking this far more seriously" ("PFT," NBCSN, 6/18).

--Trademark lawyer Joel Feldman said, "This is more psychological than legal. Nothing will change tomorrow morning about the way the Washington Redskins do business. ... It will embolden the Native-Americans to show that this is an offensive term to them and it will definitely help their PR campaign" ("Olbermann," ESPN2, 6/18).

--The S.F. Chronicle's Ann Killion said when the Redskins begin to lose merchandise revenue, then the "NFL is going to step in." Killion: "All the teams will lose money, then the NFL will go, 'Oh, we're losing money. All of sudden we're going to have a moral conscience and we're going to change the name'" ("Yahoo Sports Talk Live," CSN Bay Area, 6/18).

--ESPN's Louis Riddick, on Daniel Snyder: "When you start pushing him one way on a subject that he is very strongly opinionated about, he's going to push back equally. And he has consistently maintained his stance as far as the Redskins name, and how he views it, and how he values it and what it means to him personally, and what he thinks it means to the Washington Redskins fan base as a whole ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 6/18).

--FS1's Jay Onrait said the ruling represents "the biggest blow to Owner Daniel Snyder's attempts to keep the Redskins nickname" ("Fox Sports Live," FS1, 6/18).

--Trademark attorney Howard Hogan: "I would not take this as a green light to go out there and start printing fake Redskins jerseys and going out and selling them" ("CBS This Morning," CBS, 6/19).

--CBS Sports Network’s Evan Washburn: "Nothing is going to change. It’s going to take years. It’s the approach that, 'We’re never going to change this, there’s no sort of open-mindedness to the idea'” (“Lead Off,” CBSSN, 6/18).

--The N.Y. Daily News' Ralph Vacchiano said of Snyder, "Honestly, he's just doing it out of spite at this point. He knows that the tide of society is against him" ("Daily News Live," SNY, 6/18).
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