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TV Timeout: Getting The Red Out

ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack said there is "no question that the Redskins will appeal the loss of their trademark protected name" but the team is "certainly in jeopardy of having that name not be protected." Cossack: "This kind of litigation is fraught with technicalities. This is stuff that is handled by statute, and when you're talking about protecting someone's property who went ahead and trademarked it a number of years ago and now a court comes ... (stating) that trademark should have never been granted because it's disparaging to Native-Americans, you can see the problems in terms of appeals and litigation." Cossack said the appeal process "could take a significantly long period of time" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 6/18).

DIRTY BIRDS: Falcons coach Mike Smith said the most important thing about his team appearing on HBO's "Hard Knocks" this year is that "everybody is going to get an opportunity to watch us compete." Smith: "That's probably the biggest plus for us doing it." Falcons WR Roddy White said of his role on the show, "I will not be the star. This will be co-starring and about seven or eight guys are going to entertain you all for the next couple of weeks of 'Hard Knocks' and they're going to do a great job. I'm going to take a step back and let those guys have a scene and I'm just going to watch and be entertained myself" (, 6/17).

THE AMERICAN WAY: The N.Y. Daily News' Ralph Vacchiano said of the '14 World Cup increasing soccer's popularity in the U.S., "I think we have this conversation every four years. This is helped by being in sort of Eastern friendly times for the games that's letting people watch it. But I'm sure we had this conversation four years ago, and eight years ago" ("Daily News Live," SNY, 6/17). SNY's Chris Carlin said of the U.S. victory over Ghana, "There are not many country unifying moments anymore and that was one of them" ("Loud Mouths," SNY, 6/17). ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, on the TV ratings of the U.S.-Ghana match: “Is this soccer or is this patriotism? Did we watch like crazy on Monday because we just like getting together and watching something that is a communal, American event? Or does this really demonstrate, as a lot of people in the soccer world are hoping for and telling you, that there is really a rising tide here?” (“Mike & Mike,” ESPN Radio, 6/18).

THE MOORE THE BETTER: MLB Network’s Mark DeRosa: “Kudos to (Royals GM) Dayton Moore. He’s stayed the path. ... He’s stayed the path with Ned Yost. They’ve had this vision, they’ve trusted in these young players. It’s time for these young players to step up” (“MLB Tonight,” MLB Network, 6/17).
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