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TV Timeout: Silver Star

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s punishment issued to Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for racially insensitive comments have drawn mostly praise. ESPN's Mike Tirico said, "Knowing that leadership is lonely, he did one a heck of a job in being able to speak with some owners and gauge their interest level in this enough to say, 'You're banned for life'"  ("OTL," ESPN, 4/29). Actor Matt Damon: “A lot of us are really excited to get (Sterling) out of the NBA" ("Worldwide Exchange," CNBC, 4/29). Clippers broadcaster Ralph Lawler: "The cloud was lifted from the players' heads, the fans' heads. You see a ray of sunshine. You see some blue sky. You think, ‘Hey, there’s hope’” (“Clippers Live Pregame,” FS Prime Ticket, 4/29) TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal: “There’s no room for the mistakes that Mr. Sterling made and I’m just glad that Adam Silver is around protecting our league” (“Inside The NBA,” TNT, 4/30).. TNT’s Steve Kerr said, “It was a great reminder of the fact that sports and basketball actually break down barriers. That’s the beauty of sports beyond the entertainment and the competition. You think about what it does bringing people together from all races and backgrounds and that’s what the NBA is all about” (“Wizards-Bulls,” TNT, 4/29).

NOT ALL POSITIVE: ESPN's J.A. Adande said the NBA in the past by "allowing Donald Sterling to fester and allowing him to get away with what he did encouraged him, empowered him and led to this moment now where because that problem wasn't removed earlier the NBA found itself in this position today, but I think they dealt with it in the perfect manner” ("Around The Horn," ESPN, 4/29). ESPN's LZ Granderson: "For Adam Silver to try and characterize this as, 'Well, this is what we know of right now.' No, the NBA and many of those owners knew this man. They knew him, they're just embarrassed because now it's a lot more public … but this is not news" ("OTL," ESPN2, 4/29).

SILVER LINING: San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami said of Silver’s announcement, “I’m not surprised by the force of it; maybe the emotion of it I think is what hit everybody" (“Yahoo Sports Talk Live,” CSN Bay Area, 4/29). NBA TV’s Brent Barry, on the Clippers possibly being sold: "It might set precedent in terms of how quickly a new ownership group actually takes over a franchise in the league” (NBA TV, 4/29).

LAYNG DOWN THE LAW: FS1’s Andy Roddick: “(Silver) won today in the court of public opinion, but beating Sterling in an actual court of law, that’s a different question” (“Fox Sports Live,” FS1, 4/29). ESPN's Tony Kornheiser said of possible litigation, "If the franchise is devalued while this is going on, that's not good for the league. Does the league put someone in there (to operate the team)?" ("PTI," ESPN, 4/29). ESPN’s Mike Golic, on the eventual owners’ vote to strip Sterling’s ownership of the Clippers: “I don’t care how private they make it. You know it will get public somehow and you want to be that three, four, five owners that voted to keep him? How is that going to work with your sponsorships when that comes out? There’s no way this isn’t going to be twenty-nine to zip” (“Mike & Mike,” ESPN Radio, 4/30).

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