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TV Timeout: A Perfect Union?

The NLRB’s ruling in favor of Northwestern Univ. football players forming a union sent ripples through media with debate on the short- and long-term impact of the decision. National College Players Association President Ramogi Huma said, “I think it would help create an environment if players at various schools have collective bargaining agreements, that give them better protections (and) that’s going to be a new standard. That is what recruits and their families are going to be looking at, whether or not they are going to be stuck with medical bills down the line” (“Sportscenter,” ESPN, 3/27). FS1’s Brendon Ayanbadejo said, “All of these embarrassing moments that schools have, it lets you know that there is a broken system and it needs to be fixed and this is the time. This is the moment we are going to look back on we are going to look back on that potentially changes everything for the future” (“Fox Football Daily,” FS1, 3/26). SI legal analyst Michael McCann said, “If only male athletes are paid, I'm sure that there will be female athletes who bring a separate lawsuit under Title IX" ("NewsHour," PBS, 3/26). ESPN's Jay Bilas said, "I think there are a lot of great things that come out of college sports. But the idea that I was a better player or person teammate or student by virtue of my amateurism is not true now and never has been true. That's sort of the great lie about this whole thing, that education and money are somehow mutually exclusive" ("Olbermann," ESPN2, 3/26). Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay, on Ohio St. AD Gene Smith receiving a bonus for a wrestler winning a title: “This person is not compensated and not treated as an employee, but the employee is given a bonus for somebody else. That’s the hypocrisy and college fans are getting sick of it” (“Crowd Goes Wild,” FS1, 3/26).

WALL-TO-WALL COVERAGE: ESPN's Kenny Mayne, on the media coverage of Heat-Pacers: "It's all we were talking about. The ESPN hype machine was in full throttle for a Wednesday game and this thing really was kind of a big deal" ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 3/27).

SEWN TOGETHER: NASCAR President Mike Helton said the racing circuit "wants to have that fabric of America and I think if the characters and the personalities and the faces and the genders that participate in the sport are all part of that, then the grandstands will be too" ("CBS This Morning," CBS, 3/26).
GAME OF GROWTH: Yankees 1B Mark Teixeira said, "The revenue in our sport is just exploding so everybody has money to spend, even the small market teams have money to spend and the Yankees have to keep up with everybody when it comes to winning games and keeping our fans happy" ("Fast Money Halftime Report," CNBC, 3/26).

LETTING OFF THE PEDAL: MLB Network’s Kevin Millar, on potential drug policy changes: “I thought they would be harder. You heard some players voice their opinion. Maybe a one time, full on year and then the next time a ban from baseball. Period” (“Intentional Talk,” MLB Network, 3/26). 

DRESSED FOR SUCCESS:  CSN Bay Area's Jim Kozimor said of the MLS Earthquakes’ new red uniforms, "I like the history angle of it, I like the look of it. Now if you can get yourself a 'W' in those things" ("Yahoo Sports Talk Live," CSN Bay Area, 3/26).

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