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TV Timeout: Paper Or Plastic?

CBSSN’s Brandon Tierney mocked the NFL-issued clear bags as the rule went into effect this weekend. He had a bag on set holding it up to his face saying, “If your team is say, two and nine, going into week 12 or so and you bring this in, how do you hide? Where are the brown bags that saved you the humiliation of being in that stadium?” (“That Other Pregame Show,” CBS Sports Network, 9/8).

COLOR OF MONEY: ESPN’s Jemele Hill, on Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel appearing on the cover of Time magazine’s issue discussing if college athletes should be paid: “Where were all these conversations about paying college players when Michigan had to wipe away the Fab Five’s legacy due to the NCAA violations? Why didn’t A.J. Green, Terrelle Pryor or Dez Bryant galvanize the same national support as Manziel when the NCAA believed them?” Hill added, “My colleague Jalen Rose tweeted that Manziel is the NCAA’s worst nightmare because he is ‘white, paid and outspoken.’ As Jalen knows the exploitation of college athletes isn’t new, the only thing that’s changed is the victims face” (“The Sports Reporters,” ESPN2, 9/8).

FINDING VALUE: CBSSN’s Amy Trask, on charging fans full price for preseason games: “I’m not sure where I come out on that but I think the value proposition needs to be discussed.” CBS’ Bill Cowher added, “I totally agree with that because it’s not the same game. You're not playing the game to win or lose.” CBSSN’s Bart Scott added, “The NFL is not giving money back, but what we’re giving the fans is not as good a product.” (“That Other Pregame Show,” CBS Sports Network, 9/8).

BREWING RELATIONS: NBCSN's Dave Briggs said Brewers LF Ryan Braun "realizes the backlash is far worse than he ever thought" so he "reaches out to the Milwaukee Brewers himself and says, 'I'd like to talk to some of the people I've hurt most.'" NBC's Thomas Roberts noted the calls to the fans "came on the heels of losing an endorsement deal with Nike and ties with a few a local restaurants." Roberts: "It really is a unique approach to try to win everybody back" ("Today," NBC, 9/7).

LADIES FIRST: NBC's Carl Quintanilla said female viewers of the NFL are "being recognized as football's new power players." NBC's Janet Shamlian said women have “flipped the switch on football," accounting for 45% of all NFL fans, one-third of ticketholders and "it's her hands on the family wallet." Shamlian noted women's clothing is the fastest-growing segment of sales." NFL CMO Mark Waller said he expected women's merchandising to become this big because "we always felt that we were under serving them and not giving them what they need." ("Nightly News," NBC, 9/8).

SHOW STOPPER: NBC's Natalie Morales said "some say they don't see" Super Bowl halftime act Bruno Mars "as a good fit for the Super Bowl, others say perhaps they wanted a little more of a New Jersey/New York act." But Morales said Mars is "great live performer" and an "incredible live show." NBC's Al Roker added, "It's like James Brown." NBC's Matt Lauer said, "Would it be great if for his last song he would be joined by Springsteen and Bon Jovi? That would be pretty cool." Morales said halftime will be "good family fun, no wardrobe malfunctions guaranteed" ("Today," NBC, 9/9).

TWO IN ONE: Lions WR Calvin Johnson, on his Nike ad with Sean “P. Diddy” Combs: “Basically, it’s Calvin and Johnson, two different personalities. Calvin is the driven, focused guy that comes out here and gives his hard work on the field every day and at the same time there’s Johnson who handles all the distractions.” Johnson, on the accuracy of the portrayal: “The Calvin part, that’s pretty much in line with the way it is for real. I’m real laid back, I’m chill. I’m real family oriented so I don’t get in to too much mess” (“NFL Gameday Morning,” NFL Network, 9/8).

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