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TV Timeout: Seattle's Finest

Comedian and Sounders investor Drew Carey, on the passion for the MLS club in Seattle: "I can't explain it. It must be a hipster thing, or maybe it's because they have legalized pot." On a bit more serious note, he said the club's success is largely based on fan interaction, which is "like a marriage, you want to keep talking all the time." Sounders GM Adrian Hanauer: "The whole idea of voting for my job is part of a broader message which is democracy in sports which is engaging our fans" ("Real Sports," HBO, 9/17).

THE LIST OF WHO'S WHO: After the release of the "Forbes 400" list of the wealthiest Americans, Bryant Gumbel said the inclusion of Knicks Owner James Dolan, Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones and Clippers Owner Donald Sterling show that "you can still make a ton of money in sports even when you're lousy at it. ... We may think sports is about fun and fair play, but the list is a reminder that in sports, as in life, the golden rule still applies and he who has the gold, rules" ("Real Sports," HBO, 9/17).

STAY IN YOUR LANE: Marussia Motors President Graeme Lowdon spoke out against the competitive fairness of the rules structure in F1 racing. Lowdon: "It shouldn't be simply a comparison of balance sheets at the start of the season. ... The industry at the moment has too much scope for buying success." He added he "certainly hopes the industry will move towards a set of regulations and rules where innovation and skill are rewarded and not simply financial strength. ... What we find talking to our sponsors and partners is they want to be associated with an industry that's efficient and that's something they value in their own businesses" ("Worldwide Exchange," CNBC, 9/18).

STEP RIGHT UP AND MEET...: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld weighed in on what it takes to be a Mets fan: "It helps if you're not physically attractive. It helps if you have a little gimp is good, can't dress, no girls. ... To me, the Mets are fun, they're exciting, they're full of character, they're interesting" ("Mets First Pitch," SNY, 9/17).

TELL IT TO SHAD: ESPN's Michael Smith said of the small rally of Jaguars fans demanding the team sign Tim Tebow, "You know who should really be embarrassed: The 30 members of the media who actually covered this thing. Twenty fans, thirty media tells you all you need to know. Party's over!" ("Numbers Never Lie," ESPN2, 9/17).

AND THE RACE IS ON...: ESPN's Brad Daugherty said adding a 13th driver to NASCAR's Chase for the Sprint Cup "muddies the waters. If you're going to do anything, in my opinion, you take one car out and put another car in under the circumstances but don't add the 13th because it takes away some of the luster of being able to have a reputable championship at the end of the season" ("NASCAR Now," ESPN2, 9/18).

THAT SHIP HAS SAILED: America's Cup CEO Stephen Barclay said the event in S.F. "probably won't make a profit out of this but it was our intention really to put sailing on a world stage and to come out reasonably a wash is a pretty good result." CNBC's Jane Wells said the "tourism boom to San Francisco is not anywhere near earlier estimates" but the "impact to business could still total a few hundred million dollars and create a few thousand jobs" ("Closing Bell," CNBC, 9/17).

PUBLIC ENEMY? CBSSN’s Doug Gottlieb, on the season struggles of Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria: "He’s a miserable dude. He ran off Dave Dombrowski, who is now the GM of the Tigers. ... He’s the late Al Davis, late in his career, of baseball owners in that he doesn’t know a ton about baseball but he’s been around it enough to where he’s convinced himself he knows about baseball and he becomes miserable to work for and that’s why they’re so bad" (“Lead Off,” CBSSN, 9/17).

COMMISSIONER'S DESK? ESPN's Tony Kornheiser on Loria: “This sort of meddling by an owner, who I believe has the right to do that since he’s paying all the checks, this can go to the commissioner’s office and this has happened before. A commissioner can say in the best interest of baseball, you can’t continue to act like this. So this could end up with Bud Selig because last year, at this time even when they were bad, they were 66 and 84 and now they’re 55 and 95, worst in the National League. So I could foresee Bud Selig getting involved in this” (“PTI,” ESPN, 9/17).
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