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2013 Game Changers: Tips For Interns Who Want To Succeed

We asked each of this year’s Game Changers to complete the following sentence:

Interns in this industry who want to succeed should make sure to …:

Here are their responses:
Charlotte Jones Anderson: Talk little, listen well, work long hours and do whatever is asked — with a smile.

Mary Pat Augenthaler: Volunteer to work every event they can. Experience can set you apart from others.

Cheryl Bailey: Look and listen to the people around them that are making a difference and find a way to contribute to that success. Find a mentor and become connected.

Lisa Boggs: Work hard and pay their dues.

Melissa Rosenthal Brenner: Show up on time and try to absorb everything going on around them.

Amy Brooks: Work for companies and people that inspire them.

Jacqie Carpenter: Gain as much experience as possible without expecting anything in return. Your attitude and work will speak for itself and reward you in the future.

Kim Carver: Have a strong work ethic and expect to work years of nights, holidays and weekends.

Jennifer Chun: Care less about how sexy their projects are and more about whether they’re doing each and every project to the best of their abilities.

Vicky Chun: Work really hard and [be] successful at the job they have, focusing less on the job they want to have.

Susan Cohig: Listen; learn everything you can; be willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in; network as much as possible: the relationships you build can last a lifetime; and most importantly, know that it is truly a privilege for all of us to be able to work in this business.

Reagan Feeney: Seek and establish mentors.

Leslie Gamez: See and be a part of the world. Learn a second language, go on a study abroad program before graduating, and get an expanded cultural and global perspective. Experience first-hand how the power of sport can change the world.

Christine Garrity: Work very hard and be open to learning new things daily.

Alison Giordano: Have a broad vision of how to get to where you want to be. There are always multiple pathways.

Michelle Grech: Be open to take on any challenge that comes across their plate, ask questions, work harder and longer than anyone around them, have a positive attitude, get to know senior management, and network with people they respect via informational interviews.

Mimi Griffin: Embrace every task they are assigned (large or small) and learn from every person they encounter regardless of their position.

Jennifer Hanley: Get experience and network as early as possible.

Lynn Hickey: Set goals, and [be] committed and passionate with every opportunity they receive.

Pam Hollander: Spend some time on the agency side. There’s something you learn on the agency side about a client-service mentality that I truly believe serves you well on the corporate side.

Kelly Krauskopf: Go the extra step; take initiative and demonstrate your passion and work ethic. Good things happen when you persevere.

Rachel Lewis: Give their time freely and take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate their value and make contacts. The sports industry is relatively small, so making a positive and lasting impression to potential employers is key.

Lucia McKelvey: Try out as many internships as possible, be flexible, stay positive, and build and maintain key relationships.

Paula Miller: Work tirelessly and build lasting relationships to call upon and network with later.

Kathy Milthorpe: Network.

Diana Myers: Work like it is a permanent job and view every task, no matter how menial, as an important learning experience.

Kim Ng: Never make the mistake of thinking that you are entitled to anything. This industry has a way of “keeping it real” for people.

Regina O’Brien: Ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers.

Maidie Oliveau: Volunteer, and network as much as possible.

Ailey Penningroth: Learn as much about as many of the facets of the organization as possible in order to better understand how your actions affect other individuals’ work and impact other groups’ successes.

Patty Power: Develop and maintain relationships.

Donna Providenti: Work hard, be nice.

Judy Rose: Truly understand the time commitment that sports jobs require. It’s not as glamorous as it appears.

Julie Sobieski: Network.

Amy Stanton: Not leave any stone unturned. Meet with everyone you can; ask questions; don’t give up.

Deborah Tymon: Express a willingness to do everything and continue to grow.

Lori Webb: Understand that you need to pay your dues. It takes time to learn how the baseball industry works, and you do not know everything yet. Respect and learn from the ones who have been in the business for awhile.

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