• TV Timeout: The Bear Necessities

    The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay, on the Dodgers Rally Bear fan: “I can’t believe that in Los Angeles, a show-biz town, that no one in the Dodgers front office was like, ‘We won the game this guy did this at. Let’s bring him back for Game Five’” (“Crowd Goes Wild,” FS1, 10/16).

    SNACK TIME: FS1’s Georgie Thompson, on Thunder F Kevin Durant’s new Nike peanut butter and jelly themed shoe: “Can you imagine the meeting where the executives all sat around and that was the best idea they came up with?” (“Crowd Goes Wild,” FS1, 10/16).

    NO SURPRISE: ESPN's Marcellus Wiley said of a potential $180M shoe deal for Kansas F Andrew Wiggins once he turns pro:  "It's all about a business decision making money. He's going to make millions regardless of the adidas deal, so guess what? He's already going to be motivated" ("SportsNation," ESPN2, 10/16).

    THURSDAY NIGHT DISCORD: The Chicago Tribune's Steve Rosenbloom said of the NFL potentially adding a second Thursday night game: "NFL players are figuring out the kind of frauds they're working for” ("Deal With It!," CHICAGOTRIBUNE.com, 10/16).

    LADIES FIRST: UFC President Dana White, on the current “The Ultimate Fighter” season: “If you look at the ratings when the women fight, the ratings are up here. This whole women’s fighting thing has worked out” (“Fox Sports Live,” FS1, 10/16).

    GLOBE TROTTING: Golf Channel’s Charlie Rymer said, “I know a lot of people are going to freak out because the PGA is going to Asia or the Open Championship is going to Asia, but it’s something that make sense and it is going to happen” (“Morning Drive,” Golf Channel, 10/17).

  • TV Timeout: Baseball's Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

    ESPN's Max Kellerman said the reason "viewership is declining in baseball is because -- it's the same reason soccer worldwide will be in decline soon -- they cannot compete with basketball and football, two superior sports by almost any definition of the word." Kellerman: "Let's not exaggerate and act as though baseball is not almost still the most popular sport in the country. ... Baseball has certain problems, but it's not because of a lack of celebrations" ("SportsNation," ESPN2, 10/15).

    WRONG BALLPARK: The S.F. Chronicle's Ann Killion said days after the A's lost to the Tigers in the ALDS, A's Owner Lew Wolff was seen in attendance at the Dodgers game which is "kind of a joke." Killion: "What Lew Wolff is, is tone deaf. He is more visible at Dodger games than he is at A's games." Killion said owners "go to other owners' games, but you sit in a box," and not behind home plate where Wolff was constantly on-camera ("Yahoo Sports Talk Live," Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, 10/15).

    DEBATE GOES ON: Columnist George Will said of Bob Costas’ "SNF" commentary on the Redskins name: "Bob is a great broadcaster and a good friend and wrong in this case." Columnist Charles Krauthammer said changing the team’s name "has nothing to do with the sensitivity of a mass of people," but with "simple, elementary respect" (Fox News, 10/14).

    GAME ON: Former NFLer Bo Jackson said of his avatar's prowess on the Nintendo video game "Tecmo Bowl": "If you had to pick a team, you’d either be the Raiders and pick Bo Jackson or you'd be the Giants and pick Lawrence Taylor because Lawrence Taylor stopped everybody. But if you put the Bo in there from the Tecmo Bowl, trust me: Fourth down and 62, up the middle, touchdown" ("E:60," ESPN, 10/15).

    ROCK, CHALK, JAYHAWK: CBSSN’s Doug Gottlieb, on adidas’ potentially offering a mega-deal to Kansas F Andrew Wiggins after college: “There just aren't that many names that sell shoes but he is a transcendent player, and remember, he opens up the border of an entire country. He’s Canadian, and he’s going to Kansas which is going to help build his brand” (“Lead Off,” CBSSN, 10/15).

    TAKE IT TO THE BANK: ESPN’s Mike Golic said of the NFL adding another Thursday night game: “If the NFL is considering another game there’s a reason for it.” Co-host Mike Greenberg added, “They think there’s more money to be made in it” (“Mike & Mike,” ESPN Radio, 10/16). 

  • Highlight Reel: Coca-Cola's Wendy Clark on Brand Building in a Digital Age

    Coca-Cola's Wendy Clark kicked off our recent Sports Marketing Symposium with a keynote that revealed her company's strategy for turning global customers and fans into a new and influential sales force. Click the video player for highlights. You can also read a summary of her remarks.

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  • TV Timeout: Deeper Meaning

    Radio host Dan Patrick said of Redskins Owner Dan Snyder and the team's name controversy, "I feel like he became his own worst enemy here by making it about him instead of being understanding about what it means and who it affects" ("The Dan Patrick Show," 10/14).

    STAY CLASSY: ESPN’s Tom Jackson, on the city of San Diego: “Build a stadium so we can have a Super Bowl out there.” ESPN’s Chris Berman added, “If they build a stadium there, we’ll have one there every three years. I don’t think there’s a discussion” (“SportsCenter Monday Kickoff,” ESPN, 10/14).

    EURO TRIP: FS1’s Cobi Jones, on MLS possibly moving to a European-style schedule: “I think the fan base is there, so any type of switch that happens I think the MLS is good to go, they can handle it. Do it now, don’t worry about the World Cup” (“Fox Soccer Daily,” FS1, 10/14).

  • SBJ/SBD Podcast: Global X a rare miss for ESPN

    Executive Editor Abraham Madkour and SBJ action sports reporter Tripp Mickle talk about “one of the more interesting stories of the year so far,” the recent decision by ESPN to cancel its Global X series, which Mickle highlights in a front-page piece in this week’s SportsBusiness Journal.

    Among the discussion:

    “ESPN rarely misfires on something, but here everything just seemed to go, not wrong from the beginning, but they were behind the 8-ball and the timing was just running against them the whole time.”

    “They’ve lost about 100 hours of television on ESPN, and sponsors are going to look at them.”

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  • TV Timeout: Knight Vision

    CBSSN’s Tony Luftman, on Oregon cheerleaders wearing custom Oregon contact lenses: “I think it’s awesome and Oregon is always at the cutting edge. Maybe it’s Phil Knight and the Nike partnership and they’ve got 73 million uniform combinations, but I don’t know of another cheerleading group that has contact lenses that accentuate their school colors” (“Lead Off,” CBSSN, 10/11).

    JHONNY ON THE SPOT: N.Y. Daily News columnist Mike Lupica: “Isn’t (Tigers SS) Jhonny Peralta, a Biogenesis All-Star, a guy getting big hits in October, that’s just the damn feel-good story of the year” (“The Sports Reporters,” ESPN, 10/13).

    : CBSSN’s Doug Gottlieb, on the proposed Tennessee-Virginia Tech football game at Bristol Motor Speedway: “I think it’s a cool idea but I think it’s a cool idea if you don’t have a great on-campus stadium. If you play in a dump and the other team plays in a dump, you're like, ‘You know what? We both play in a dump. Let’s go play in a cool place and fill it up.’ Lane Stadium, Neyland Stadium, are two incredible atmospheres” (“Lead Off,” CBSSN, 10/11).

    FLEETING STARDOM: ESPN's Colin Cowherd, on the new NFL Pro Bowl uniforms: “I get it, Oregon is fun to watch. Let’s steal their uniforms and then everybody will want to watch the Pro Bowl. Not quite. I don’t like watching bored stars not try no matter what laundry they're wearing” (“Colin’s New Football Show,” ESPN2, 10/13).

    PRE-SALE: CBSSN’s Amy Trask said of “trying to fill a stadium and sell merchandise with a team like the Jaguars, there is an adage in sports, ‘That you want to sell as much as you can before that first snap of the regular season’” (“That Other Pregame Show,” CBSSN, 10/13).

    FANS WANTED: CBSSN’s Brandon Tierney, on empty seats at Bills games: “People are going to Detroit, where at one point the unemployment rate was 20%. Buffalo is not doing as poorly as Detroit and they pack Ford Field every week” (“That Other Pregame Show,” CBSSN, 10/13).

  • TV Timeout: Thinking Blue

    Dodgers GM Ned Colletti, on the Dodgers reaching the NLCS: “That we were able to do what Guggenheim wanted us to do, which is really make it as good as you can, as fast as you can, for as long as you can. They were ultra supportive in a number of ways, and to be back here is special” (“Baseball Tonight,” ESPN, 10/9).

    BIGGER PICTURE: Sociologist Dr. Harry Edwards, on the reasoning for changing the Redskins name: “We are in the second decade of the 21st century and for someone to be so incompetent, to be so deficient in terms of their facility and dexterity with the standard linguistic currency of the culture to such an extent that they have to resort to epithets in order to express themselves, it’s not so much offensive as it is pathetic” (“Jim Rome on Showtime,” Showtime, 10/9).

    THE BIG CHILL: ESPN's Bomani Jones said Frontline’s “League of Denial” documentary was "chilling to see in great detail some of the steps that had been taken by the NFL to make sure nobody got this ridiculous idea that playing football might take years off your life” ("Highly Questionable," ESPN, 10/9).

    PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES: Univ. of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino added he believes that during the NCAA tournament “every parent should have a roundtrip ticket, obviously their hotels paid for, because the NCAA makes so much money.” He added, “I can’t believe our system is that antiquated that we’re not paying for parents, their hotel rooms and flights, to go to that spectacle” (“Jim Rome on Showtime,” Showtime, 10/9).

    COAST TO COAST: NBC’s Bob Costas said, "You have to give (MLB Commissioner) Bud Selig a whole lot of credit on balance. He started out in shaky fashion but he's finishing in pretty strong fashion. But the one thing … he doesn't always explain his position and baseball's position in the most dynamic way. So a younger guy who is a little bit more effective in communicating baseball's direction would be a good thing" ("The BS Report," Grantland.com, 10/7).

  • TV Timeout: More Than Meets The Eye

    ESPN's Tony Kornheiser called the new Nike Pro Bowl uniforms "transformerific" because they "look like robot things to me." Kornheiser added, "Years from now, people are going to look back on these uniforms and on the Pro Bowl itself and they're going to say, 'What were you people thinking?' They're doing everything to keep the Pro Bowl afloat" ("PTI," ESPN, 10/8).

    FOREIGN POLICY: CBSSN’s Doug Gottlieb, on the NFL playing three games in London next season: “I think it’s awful for the fans. I think it’s getting away from your core audience, especially those local fans that pay” (“Lead Off,” CBSSN, 10/8). ESPN's Michael Wilbon said the NFL does want a team there "except London doesn’t want them" ("PTI," ESPN, 10/8).

    ASK NICELY: ESPN Radio’s Mike Golic, on the NFL being able to choose a team to participate on HBO’s "Hard Knocks": “I’m not a fan of forcing that on someone. I love the show and I’d love someone to step forward and say we’ll do it but I’m not a fan of forcing” (“Mike & Mike,” ESPN Radio, 10/9).

    STATE OF BEING: ESPN's Max Kellerman said of Auburn AD Pat Dye’s assertion former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice should not be the college football playoff committee because she never played the sport: "I've never been a television but I work on TV" ("SportsNation," ESPN2, 10/8).

  • TV Timeout: Fanning The Flame

    As the Olympic torch continues its journey across Russia, the flame once again was extinguished after it first went out on Monday, then got a little help from a passerby with a lighter. NBC's Willie Geist said, "Now does the Zippo guy travel with the flame?" Natalie Morales weighed in, "This is really starting to smell like bad luck." Al Roker: "If I were them, I would have a stunt flame. ... I hope this is not the precursor, or Vladimir Putin is not going to be happy" ("Today," NBC, 10/8).

    GET IN THE RING: CNBC's Ross Westgate noted when UFC co-Chair & CEO Lorenzo Fertitta purchased the fighting promotion in '01 for $2M, it was "near extinction," but today it is a "global power" valued at about $250M. Fertitta said, "I looked at the fact that boxing had been around for a hundred years, generated billions of dollars yet there was no brand, there was no value associated with the sport like there is with soccer and the Premier League, American football and the NFL, the NBA with basketball. So I felt like with UFC, the brand Ultimate Fighting had transcended the sport" ("Worldwide Exchange," CNBC, 10/8).

    WEATHER REPORT SUITE: Golf Channel’s Lauren Thompson reported, "A microburst targeted New Jersey’s Ridgewood Country Club on Monday, knocking down dozens of trees on the A.W. Tillinghast design, which is slated to host The Barclays in 2014. The storied course, which in recent years has invested millions to upgrade the facility, has staged the 1935 Ryder Cup and the 2001 Senior PGA Championship as well as The Barclays in both 2008 and 2010" (“Morning Drive,” Golf Channel, 10/8).

  • TV Timeout: After Midnight

    Denver Post columnist Woody Paige said of the NFL moving last night’s Chargers-Raiders start time to 11:35pm ET to accommodate Saturday's Tigers-A’s game: “This is twice that baseball has beaten them this year. I’d be very worried if I were in that office with Goodell” (“Around The Horn,” ESPN, 10/4). ESPN’s Pablo Torre said the scheduling move "is inconvenient but consistent with what the NFL has long preached to players: Nothing good happens after midnight” (“The Sports Reporters,” ESPN, 10/6).

    NOT IN GOOD COMPANY: N.Y. Daily News’ Mike Lupica said Alex Rodriguez is becoming the "Lance Armstrong of baseball, professional litigant just without the denials about drug use because the one thing you never see or hear from Rodriguez in all his filings and all his public pronouncements is this, ‘I never did it’” (“The Sports Reporters,” ESPN, 10/6). N.Y. Daily News' Bob Raissman said of the timing of A-Rod's lawsuit, filed in the midst of his ongoing arbitration hearings: "They take a hand grenade in the form of the suit and throw it in there to blow the whole thing up and change the direction of the publicity" ("Daily News Live," SNY, 10/4).

    CONDOLEEZZA AND ME: ESPN’s Lee Corso said if he could place anyone on the selection committee for the College Football Playoff it would be Vince Dooley because "he’s got unquestioned integrity and knowledge.” Desmond Howard responded, “I would put coach Corso on that list” (“College GameDay,” ESPN, 10/6).

    MILITARY APPRECIATION: CBS’ Spero Dedes, on Saturday's Air Force-Navy game: “Three days ago this cherished service academy rivalry game between Air Force and Navy was in serious doubt. Today, they will play in front of a record-setting crowd in Annapolis” (“Air Force-Navy,” CBS, 10/5). 

    ROOT OF THE ISSUE: ESPN’s Bob Ley, on the PBS documentary “League of Denial:” “The central question here, what did the NFL know and when did it know about concussion research and the long-term brain damage done by the violence common to football? There is a powerful body of evidence showing a long campaign of denial by the NFL, that there was simply no linkage between concussion and later health issues” (“Sunday NFL Countdown,” ESPN, 10/6).

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