• Podcast: NBA All-Star Game in New York

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    NBA writer John Lombardo and Executive Editor Abraham Madkour talk about this week's NBA All-Star Game, its prospects in New York and the challenges involved.

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  • Podcast: The Fourth Period's David Pagnotta

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    Alex Silverman and hockey writer Ian Thomas talk with David Pagnotta, president of The Fourth Period Media, about jersey ads for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey as well as the league's expiring apparel deal with Reebok in this week's NHL Wrap-Around podcast.

    Among the comments:

    "They don't want (the ads) to be overpowering. The NHL is tremendously focused on selling the crest and team logos, more so than anything. I don't anticipate the jersey player, whoever it is, saying, 'Let's do what they do in Europe and put a big Ford emblem on the chest.'"

    "Under Armour is very intriguing for the National Hockey League, and I think they would like to see them come forward with a very aggressive bid. I think that's the plan."

    "This is going to be an opportunity for whomever is going to retain the rights to show the NHL … that because of all the momentum that's now building in other non-traditional hockey markets, like California, that we want to have a presence there, as well. … That's going to have the guys in the NHL office thinking how this deal is going to benefit them beyond what's on paper."

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  • Podcast: This week's NHL Wrap-Around

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    Alex Silverman and hockey writer Ian Thomas talk about last weekend's NHL All-Star Game in Columbus as well as the World Cup of Hockey and the NHL's future participation in the Olympics.

    Among the comments:

    "Anybody who's a hockey fan knows that first-person view that you're going to get by attaching a camera to a player's helmet or their chest can really give you a good appreciation for the speed of the game, which I know the league itself really wants to show off."

    "This is going to be their foray into reintroducing the game in Europe and other countries where it hasn't had as much traction. … Their hope is, 'We're going to kick this off in Toronto, you might see it in Europe the next time around.'"

    "International hockey hasn't been a massive revenue stream for the NHL. The Olympic participation hasn't boosted their bottom line; this tournament will. The NHL and NHLPA own it and will see the revenue from it. It will be interesting to see whether this leads to the NHL abandoning its Olympic participation and whether the players feel strongly about continuing to participate."

    "I don't think this lessens the chance they play in the Olympics. The player interest is there, and at the end of the day, if hockey grows, the NHL grows. Nothing draws more fans than the Olympics, for any sport."

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  • Podcast: ESPN, NFL pressure CFP on schedule

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    Media writer John Ourand and Assistant Managing Editor Tom Stinson talk about the pressure on the College Football Playoff from ESPN and the NFL to adjust its future schedule, and what it could mean.

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  • Podcast: NHL All-Star Game expectations

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    Alex Silverman and hockey writer Ian Thomas talk about this weekend's NHL All-Star Game in Columbus as well as where they expect the league to take outdoor games in the future.

    Among the comments:

    "This gives the league another opportunity to try some new things. I think everyone saw that from the jerseys and the inspiration they had there. … There's also a big opportunity here for analytics or 'fancy' stats."

    "The expectation is that there'll be some more outdoor games (other than the Winter Classic). … It seems like a lot of signs are pointing to Colorado getting a game. It makes a lot of sense. … Two cities that I would say to keep an eye on are St. Louis and Buffalo."

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  • Podcast: Bud Selig, baseball's statesman

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    Staff writers Bill King and Eric Fisher, as well as Executive Editor Abraham Madkour, discuss Bud Selig's 22-year career as commissioner of Major League Baseball as he prepares to step down this month. SportsBusiness Journal this week honors baseball's statesman with a special tribute section.

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  • Podcast: Assessing the College Football Playoff

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    Staff writers Michael Smith and John Ourand assess the first College Football Playoff National Championship Game, what sponsors thought of it and what can be expected next year in Phoenix.

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  • Podcast: Chris Zelkovich of Yahoo Sports Canada talks Rogers deal, outdoor game fatigue

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    A conversation with Chris Zelkovich, Yahoo Sports Canada media expert, on how the NHL Canadian TV deal with Rogers is faring as well as whether the NHL has hit Winter Classic fatigue.

    Among the comments:

    "So far it's been a mixed bag of good and bad. I don't think there's much doubt that it's not quite performing how Rogers had hoped."

    "People are still confused as to what games are on, when they're on, what channel they're on. … Networks assume everybody is really computer literate and up on all these things. The fact is, half of sports fans out there couldn't even tell you what channel they're watching — you know, it's channel 7, they don't know what network it is, nothing. It's going to take a long time, and a lot longer than they expected."

    "I think the NHL, I won't say they killed the golden goose, but they wounded it badly last year with a game-of-the-week outdoors almost. I think the novelty has worn off."

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  • Podcast: The Rams and L.A.; Mueller's report

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    In the latest NFL Behind the Headlines podcast, NFL writer Daniel Kaplan and Executive Editor Abraham Madkour discuss last week's release of the Mueller investigation as well as the sticky situation with the Rams and Los Angeles.

    Among the comments:

    "This was so heavily anticipated, yet when it came out … and you look at the reaction to this vs. the reactions we were seeing in September and October, it's quite different. There's quite a stark difference."

    "It is the first instance where one of its owners, I don't want to say has gone rogue, but certainly gone outside of what the NFL had laid down as its territory."

    "Not attending the unveiling of a proposed stadium certainly doesn't sound like you're giving it a good-faith effort. … It's almost a bizarre situation where the city and the state are dealing with the NFL and the team doesn't want anything to do with it."

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  • Podcast: Return of the NHL Wrap-Around

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    In a new season for the NHL Wrap-Around podcast, hockey writer Ian Thomas and Alex Silverman discuss the news coming out of last week's Winter Classic.

    Among the comments:

    "The NHL … since they started doing these back in about 2008, I think has been sort of further refining what it means or what the experience is like for a fan who goes to these games. This has been the first year when I think they really nailed it."

    "The event has become, probably across all sports, probably a top two or three thing you've got to see in your life if you like the experience of being out in a space."

    "From a revenue standpoint, an interest standpoint, viewer standpoint, fan standpoint, it was going to be hard to top last year. It was sort of a perfect storm, literally and figuratively."

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