• Duke AD White among executives Wong most admires

    When it comes to “executive trees,” few match the reach of Duke University Athletic Director Kevin White, as 23 current ADs have been mentored by him, not included in this list is his son, Danny, the AD at Buffalo. White ranks as one of the leaders Glenn Wong most admires.

    “I’ve known Kevin since he was at Maine. I admire him because of the job he does at Duke and also in terms of college athletics. I also admire him in terms of how he manages his organization, how he leads his organization. I think he consciously makes an effort to prepare the people who work for him to be athletic directors. I admire how he cross-trains his people. He moves them to different roles. He’ll move the internal person to external and the external to internal and change their job descriptions. Therefore, they’re in a position when they apply for their AD jobs to be able to say, ‘I’ve done this, I’ve done that.’

    “I really admire him, his work ethic and his ability to stay connected with the student athletes. Every student athlete goes to his house at some point during the year for a cookout.”

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  • History with MLBPA has Wong interested in union's leadership change

    Glenn Wong has been a close follower of labor relations and union leadership, and the story he’s following with great interest is the leadership change at the MLBPA.

    “The death of Michael Weiner is unfortunate for so many reasons, just a great man and his death was so sad,” Wong said. “Major League Baseball and the players association were at that place where there was respectful animosity. They would argue on behalf of their clients and protect their interests, but at the end of the day, they ended up being reasonable. I wouldn’t say I am concerned now, but I would say that the union has had, in much different ways, three very effective leaders in terms of Marvin Miller, Donald Fehr and Weiner. Those are big shoes to fill. I haven’t had many dealings with Tony Clark, but I was very impressed by meeting him.

    “Player association jobs are very challenging. Those are not easy jobs. You are dealing with highly compensated athletes, and owners and agents, some particularly powerful agents. To try to navigate that is not easy. The baseball union has made some recent changes in the collective-bargaining agreement on drug testing that probably wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago. I’m not sure it’s the leadership. I think it’s the interest of the players. Leadership is responding to some players saying, ‘We think we’re at a competitive disadvantage’ because there are players who are tested for drugs who actually think the punishment should be more significant. That is significant change. It’s a challenging job.

    “Everything I’ve heard is Tony Clark is up for the challenge, but he’s a different person and it’s a different relationship. It remains an issue to watch.”
    He also admired the way Fehr handled his members.

    “He did an excellent job informing members. He also was very good with getting players who were respected and veteran players involved. He would have an executive community and would communicate through those people, which then had a trickle-down effect, where those well-respected veterans were involved and engaged through the union and they would then talk to the younger players. They had credibility and their voices mattered. It was a brilliant strategy.”

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  • TV Timeout: Remember The Alamo

    ESPN’s Howard Bryant, on the Raiders leaving Oakland: “Here's an idea Oakland: Say goodbye to the Raiders forever and build your one loyal tenant, the A's, a brand-new baseball-only stadium” (“The Sports Reporters,” ESPN2, 11/9). CBSSN’s Amy Trask, on whether San Antonio is a viable destination for Raiders: “When I learned of the comments attributed to Jerry Jones and Bob McNair, the very, very gracious comments in which they almost welcome the Raiders to San Antonio, I laughed aloud. The league has tremendous lawyers, and let me tell you; those men are not going to say anything that could trigger an antitrust concern" (“That Other Pregame Show,” CBSSN, 11/9).

    HOT TICKET: Chicago-based strategic relations firm Bruinhill Partners Founder & President Michael Gurka said of the NFL playing in London, “I’m not surprised there's not an empty seat in the house for the NFL and they’ll continue to pick it up as far as more games being played. It makes a lot of sense” (“Worldwide Exchange,” CNBC, 11/10).

    ICE CAPADES: NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren, on the Gordon-Keselowski brawl last week: “It looks more like the NHL than NASCAR” (“Today,” NBC, 11/9).

    BIRDS-EYE VIEW: CNBC’s Joe Kernen, on the Seahawks mascot, a live hawk, landing on a fan in the crowd: “That will you get your attention” (“Squawk Box,” CNBC, 11/10).

  • Podcast: Autonomy and college basketball

    College writer Michael Smith and Assistant Managing Editor Tom Stinson on how autonomy could affect college basketball-focused schools and conferences as well as the business metrics behind college basketball.

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  • 2014 Sports Media & Technology

    Streaming SMT Live

    Live videos and interviews from the
    NeuLion Sports Media & Technology Conference.

    Live streaming has been completed from the 2014 Sports Media & Technology conference. 

    To see all of the archived interviews, be sure to visit the SMT Live video page.

    Check out our program guide to see the schedule of top executives appearing on the channel.

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  • TV Timeout: Madd, Madd World

    ESPN’s Jemele Hill, on the Cubs hiring Joe Maddon: “All is fair apparently when it comes to a 107-year-old quest for a World Series Championship” (“The Sports Reporters,” ESPN2, 11/2).

    FIGHT NIGHT: Radio host Dan Patrick, on Sunday night’s NASCAR brawl: “Remember my suggestion was to have an octagon at every NASCAR track so if there’s an issue, go in the octagon. Just go, 'Here's three minutes, you're in the octagon, get it out.' You have your sponsor mentions, you televise it. ‘I'd like to thank Budweiser for me getting my ass kicked.’ … Can you imagine what that would be like?” (“The Dan Patrick Show, 11/3). 

    SCREAM & SHOUT: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, on Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer: “When I first met with him -- I had watched his videos on YouTube, jumping up and down at sales meetings and everything else -- honestly I wasn't sure if that was the real Steve Ballmer or if he put on a performance at sales meetings. But that’s Steve Ballmer. That’s the way he is at dinner. That’s how he is when he orders. ‘I’ll have the steak!’” (“Fox Sports Live,” FS1, 11/2).

    A-MAIZE-D: ESPN’s Desmond Howard, on the resignation of Univ. of Michigan AD Dave Brandon: “Dave has done a tremendous job raising hundreds of millions for the athletic community not just for the main sports, but the non-revenue-generating sports” (“College GameDay,” ESPN, 11/1).

    CRASH & BURN: CBS Sports Network’s Amy Trask, on the Jets’ woes: “Human nature is when you're the head coach or the GM who knows your job is on the line, you're going to act in what's the best interest for you, and you see this right now with the Jets” (“That Other Pregame Show,” CBSSN, 11/2).

    SCREEN TEST: CBS' Phil Simms, on his upcoming appearance on the net’s "Elementary" and his acting career: "One thing I know about when I did that, it's not in my future. It's so much harder than you expect and it’s long" ("Broncos-Patriots," CBS, 11/2).

  • 2014 Sports Media & Technology

    Introducing SMT Live

    Live videos and interviews from the
    NeuLion Sports Media & Technology Conference.

    Beginning Wednesday morning, SMT Live will provide interviews with conference speakers and give you additional insights into some of the hottest trends in sports media.

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    And be sure to follow the conference on Twitter @SBJSBD and using the hashtag #sbjsmt.

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  • Podcast: The NFL's Thursday night package

    In the latest NFL "Behind The Headlines" podcast, media writer John Ourand and Executive Editor Abraham Madkour discuss the league's Thursday night package with CBS and the NFL Network as well as the NFL's overall ratings strength.

    Among the comments:

    "The jury is still out on it. … The ratings so far have been good. They're the second-best prime-time package so far."

    "There's a lot of room for growth. That's one of the reasons why it's still in a wait-and-see mode."

    "They basically created another gigantic package. So ratings go up, ratings go down, but at the end of the day if you total the number of eyeballs that are watching NFL games, thanks to this package, it's almost certainly going to go up this year."

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  • TV Timeout: Mo'Ne Ball

    Columnist Kevin Blackistone said of the NCAA saying that LLWS P Mo’ne Davis would keep her eligibility after appearing in a Chevy ad, “They trot out this story about Mo'ne Davis and make us think that they're some sort of altruistic organization all of a sudden. Come on!" ("Around The Horn," ESPN, 10/22). ESPN's Michael Wilbon said of the NCAA, "I don't want to give people too much credit for doing something, as Chris Rock would say, that they're supposed to do! This was done well and correctly" ("PTI," ESPN, 10/22).

    FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY: Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer said of his investment in the Clippers, “I believe it has less downside than almost anything you buy" ("Charlie Rose," PBS, 10/22). Meanwhile, Lakers President Jeannie Buss said of a hypothetical value to the team considering the Clippers’ sale price, “They're not for sale so we'll never know what that answer will be” ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 10/23).

    SEEING ORANGE: ESPN's Keith Olbermann, on the Royals’ displeasure with Marlins fan Laurence Leavy sitting behind home plate during the World Series: “You don't like it? Then stop raising ticket prices so much that the people who own those seats can make enough money to pay for virtually an entire regular season just by selling one game to Marlins man" ("Olbermann," ESPN2, 10/22).

    GLAD TO BE HERE: Golfer Zach Johnson said of McGladrey re-signing to sponsor the PGA event in St. Simons Island, Ga., “It doesn't surprise me just because I know how passionate they are about the PGA Tour, how passionate they are about this place” ("Golf Central," Golf Channel, 10/22).

  • Podcast: The NFL in London, L.A. prospects

    In the latest NFL "Behind The Headlines" podcast, NFL writer Daniel Kaplan and Executive Editor Abraham Madkour discuss the NFL's return to London this week with a Sunday morning start time on U.S. television, as well as the league's prospects in Los Angeles, stories to watch during the season's second half and the Pro Football Hall of Fame choosing Ron Wolf and Bill Polian as finalists for its Class of 2015.

    Among the comments:

    "What the league is trying to do here is see, if they're going to have more games or even a team (in London), what would scheduling a game earlier in the afternoon mean, not just in attendance in London but for broadcast ratings for an early morning broadcast in the United States."

    "Could this open up new inventory, a new window, where you basically are now having game programming starting from 9:30 or 9 a.m. on Sunday all the way to 11 or 12 on Sunday night?"

    "I don't want to call it head-scratching, but a GM of a team has, I don't want to say a limited impact, but it is just one team. If you look at somebody like Paul Tagliabue or (Steve) Sabol, it's a much broader impact. … I personally don't understand two GMs."

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