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Best opportunities outside of team sports

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 07 / 27 / 15

I n the early 1950s, Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley looked into his crystal ball and saw a future in which sports organizations would be run by professionally trained business and marketing managers. O’Malley and Clifford Brown...

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Beach volleyball on way back

T he idea that sex sells is central to American advertising, a theme that everyone salutes when it's run up the flagpole. Images of good-looking people, eying one another suggestively, are used to pitch everything from autos to toothpaste. Chiquita Banana showed that pulchritude c ...

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Trust gave NFL labor peace

O n March 1, the National Football League slipped quietly into its 10th season of the salary cap era. That this anniversary passed relatively unnoticed could mean that the geniuses whose telescopes are fixed on the sports labor horizon see only a lensful of smoking fires from Majo ...

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Legends of the spring

T he National Basketball Association playoffs are ambling through the spring as usual, but with a notable difference from other recent years. That's that the New York Knicks are absent from the mix, having failed to qualify. It's been 15 years since that happened, and the Gotham f ...

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The NBA trades down

T he forces of ego and greed win out over sound business judgment when the NBA Hornets move from Charlotte to New Orleans. It's sad anytime a team abandons its home, whether the fans lost interest in their team or the team lost hope in its town. But the case of the Hornets is parti ...

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Marketing needs Latino flavor

M arketing sports to Latinos can improve a company's ability to sell its product or service, increase a team's or an entire sport's fan base, and grow audiences so media companies can create new revenue streams to offset the high rights fees they must pay. So far, few are taking a ...

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Recession has cure for MLB's ills

S trange as it may sound, the U.S. recession of 2001 could provide Major League Baseball with a golden opportunity to resolve some long-standing health problems. While there's no agreement among economists on how long the side effects o ...

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Pick right target before shooting

I am outraged by the article by Richard Lapchick ["Too many guns, too much human tragedy," April 8-14] that refuses to acknowledge personal accountability in the use of a firearm. Lapchick pleaded on behalf of athletics for the need for "all possible partners," yet he chose to sid ...

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Don't fault tennis' women

"When in Rome, fix Italian tennis" by Bud Collins in the April 22-28 issue requires some response. Unfortunately, Collins incorrectly lumps the women together with the men in discussing the woes of the Italian Open. Much of the woe for this year's Italian Open can be attributed to ...

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