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Cartoon: Feeling left out

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 05 / 04 / 15

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Sugar's appearance criticized

I just witnessed Bert Sugar's pathetic interview on "The Sugar Best Damn Sports Show Period" on Fox. I would suggest that SportsBusiness Journal find itself another columnist. Mr. Sugar' ...

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Courts, playing fields strange mates

C ourts seem to have a love/hate relationship with sports teams, leagues and owners. On the one hand, they write lovingly of the special role that sports teams play in our community, praising teams for providing affordable family entertainment and thanking players for their volunt ...

Tags: Baseball, Minnesota Twins, MLB, New York Jets, New York Yankees, Opinion

Baseball economics debated

The best hope for SportsBusiness Journal is that you get rid of ... Aaron Moore ["Best hope for baseball: Players take a strike," June 17-23 issue]. He shows about as much knowledge of the baseball situation as a drugged-up rat! As someone who obviously doesn't care about baseball ...

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NFL winning its war on drugs

A story that didn't make it above the fold in most sports pages in recent weeks spoke volumes about the state of labor-management relations in the league it concerned. It also said a lot about that topic in a league it didn't touch. The subject was ephedrine, a plant derivative t ...

Tags: Football, MLB, NFL, Opinion

U.S. obesity a growing problem

E ver think about empires? Remember the Roman Empire? The British Empire? How about the American Empire? Empires don't last forever. A revealing predictor of when an empire has started to crumble is the point when the populace aggressively seeks the benefits of its wealth and ...

Tags: McDonald's Corp., Microsoft Corp., Opinion

Strike the answer for baseball

R ecently SportsBusiness Journal ran a cartoon featuring a coffin representing Major League Baseball with a nail about to be pounded into it. This satirical viewpoint insinuating that another work stoppage will be the demise of the league is powerful, but not necessarily the cor ...

Tags: Basketball, MLB, NBA, Opinion

Good PR doesn't need be pricey

N ot everything makes sense in today's sports marketing scene. While viewership of sports on television is, at best, mixed, sponsorship rights fees for many of these events continue to rise. As a result, some companies are questioning whether they are getting their money's ...

Tags: Gillette, MLB, Opinion

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