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How use of business analytics could have benefited union

04 / 14 / 14

I n today’s most popular professional sports leagues the role of business analytics continues to escalate. The introduction of the “Moneyball” statistical application to player efficiency in MLB years ago has expanded to other pr...

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Smart sponsors buy equity

“S ponsors need to invest wisely, and leveraging less than 3-to-1 is just asking for failure," preached Billie Jean King to corporate sponsors in The Final Word in the April 30 SportsBusiness Journal. "Back in the early 1970s, Virginia Slims' ...

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Corporate Sports Travel

A re you an executive of a company that uses sporting events as a vehicle to entertain important clients or to reward key employees? If so, you may have organized excursions to major events like the Super Bowl, college basketball's Final Four, the Masters golf tournament or the Ol ...

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The Future Of Sports

I was up in Portland visiting the Trail Blazers the other day and saw the future of the sports world. Sofas. Big ol' sofas. Hard to believe, isn't it? The one thing most of us have at home but never find at the arena. The ...

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Athletes and crime: It's not black and white

T he issue of athletes and crime is once again a topic of discussion now that the Rae Carruth trial has climbed back into the headlines of our sports sections. I am not sure why, but I had presumed guilt in his case from the early reports until the ...

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NBA players doing just fine at the pay window, thank you

I f all goes according to plan, after the Super Bowl U.S. sports fans will focus renewed attention on the NBA. It will come none too soon for most NBA arenas where empty seats have been more visible than usual this season. NBA television ratings on ...

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Share the ball field, then share the wealth

Marvin Miller ["Baseball panel gathers an unlikely band of share-the-wealthers," Jan. 1] takes to task the members of baseball's Blue Ribbon Panel because they are otherwise staunch capitalists but advocate a "share-the-wealth" philosophy for baseball, in which ...

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