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NBA responds on salary cap, league revenue issues

04 / 23 / 14

Editor’s note: The following letter to the editor will appear in the April 28-May 4 issue of SportsBusiness Journal. In “How use of business analytics could have benefited union” ( SportsBusiness Journal, April 14-20 ), a...

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A tale of 2 cities, 2 very different leagues

A s the slow and painful demise of the Montreal Expos continues, one can't help but compare the Expos' recent history with that of the Vancouver Grizzlies, the struggling NBA franchise that will soon be moving south of the Canadian border. ...

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Give the sport of kings a sporting chance

A n economic crisis in California is getting a good deal of attention these days. And I don't mean the energy crisis. Live thoroughbred racing in California, long a major hub for the sport at such legendary tracks as Santa Anita and Golden Gate Fie ...

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No one saw it, but it happened anyway

B ack in the mid-1990s, a sports forum was held by the Charlotte Sports Commission to help young professionals aspiring to break into the sports industry. Marketing executives from various show companies were sharing their wisdom with regard to su ...

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Baseball counterbalance

In his SportsBusiness Journal column of June 4-10 ["Two pawns in MLB's theater of the absurd"], Marvin Miller suggests that I am doing the baseball owners' bidding in the upcoming collective-bargaining negotiations. If this is so, the owners have a very peculiar ...

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Smart sponsors buy equity

“S ponsors need to invest wisely, and leveraging less than 3-to-1 is just asking for failure," preached Billie Jean King to corporate sponsors in The Final Word in the April 30 SportsBusiness Journal. "Back in the early 1970s, Virginia Slims' ...

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Corporate Sports Travel

A re you an executive of a company that uses sporting events as a vehicle to entertain important clients or to reward key employees? If so, you may have organized excursions to major events like the Super Bowl, college basketball's Final Four, the Masters golf tournament or the Ol ...

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The Future Of Sports

I was up in Portland visiting the Trail Blazers the other day and saw the future of the sports world. Sofas. Big ol' sofas. Hard to believe, isn't it? The one thing most of us have at home but never find at the arena. The ...

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