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Paris, L.A. can shift the paradigm

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 08 / 14 / 17

S o, the decision was made. Two winners, no losers, joy in Mudville. Paris got the 2024 Summer Olympic Games and L.A.’s consolation prize was the notable honor of hosting in 2028. Clearly, the third time is still a charm and now both cit...

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Customer service strikes out

I went to a big ballpark recently on one of those giveaway days. You know, one of those days when fans, eager to get something for nothing, are willing wait in long lines and wade through throngs of people. In this post- 9/11 e ...

Tags: Baseball, MLB, Opinion, Starbucks

Bryant trial needs to be fair

The Kobe Bryant sexual misconduct case is scheduled to begin in late August. Right now, the prosecution is swimming against the tide. In the case of athletes on trial, sports personalities are tightly woven into everyday Ameri ...

Tags: Basketball, Los Angeles Lakers, Opinion

Get drugs out of track, don’t run over rights

Let’s make this clear up front: Performance-enhancing drugs have no place in Olympic competition. They endanger health, tilt the playing field and demean the integrity of the athletic event. The appeal of the modern-day Olympic Games to fans, to broadcasters and to sponsors is based in larg ...

Tags: Olympics, Opinion, USOC

5 cracksin MLB's foundation

As baseball takes its midsummer pause, the custodians of the game have much to be pleased with in the first half of the 2004 season. Attendance is up more than 10 percent from last year, and the total is on track to top 72.7 million, which would be an all-time record. New stadiums in San Di ...

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How to market an unpredictable product

“Just win baby.” When Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders, first uttered these words, he was sharing his brand strategy with the world. This famous statement has a swagger that has become synonymous with the owner ...

Tags: Detroit Pistons, NBA, New York Yankees, Oakland Raiders, Opinion

Heroes are where you find them

I’ve been thinking about heroes a lot lately and I’ve wanted to find one to write about. I guess my soul needs an inspirational lift from time to time and my spirit needs to share it. Sports, of course, is loaded with acts of hero ...

Tags: Baseball, New York Yankees, NFL, Opinion

MLB’s Internet arm gets a leg up

There’s a revolution going on in the baseball industry, and it doesn’t have to do with Spider-Man logos or drug testing. Baseball’s 3-year-old Internet arm, MLBAM, is on the sports industry’s cutting edge. ...

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Enroll sales reps on your campus

Having worked in the NBA and now as a consultant with a number of professional teams, I appreciate the value of a well-trained, focused sales force. The majority of the teams with which I interact have as many as 18 full-time ti ...

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