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Best opportunities outside of team sports

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 07 / 27 / 15

I n the early 1950s, Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley looked into his crystal ball and saw a future in which sports organizations would be run by professionally trained business and marketing managers. O’Malley and Clifford Brown...

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Dunn agreement should be enforced

There are two fundamental aspects to this [David Dunn-Leigh Steinberg] case, only one of which was adequately compensated. Steinberg, Moorad & Dunn was given a substantial jury award for the losses and damages caused by Athletes First in taking numerous clients. Those clients re ...

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This impact player earned Hall

T he Veterans Committee of the Baseball Hall of Fame votes this month by mail, and it has a chance to do something new under the sporting sun. It could elect a union leader to the illustrious shrine it represents. That person is Marvin Miller, former head of the Major League Ba ...

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The selling of LeBron James

L eBron James is an extraordinarily talented basketball player. His demonstrated physical skills are rare for anyone, let alone someone barely the age of majority. Soon, James will be worth double-digit millions of dollars before he ever plays a professional game, provided he e ...

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No NFL in L.A. a good thing?

I spent my winter vacation in the warmth of Southern California. Yet, even though I averted the winter snow that hit New York on Christmas Day, I was hit with another storm — the storm of gossip that filled L.A.'s sports talk radio (Sporting News Radio's 1540 KMPC included) su ...

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SBJ stories applauded

Please pass along my sincere gratitude to Andy Bernstein and Russell Adams in their in-depth stories about SFX and Clear Channel ( "Spotlight on SFX: Triumph or tragedy?" , 12/02/02 ). As somebody who lived through part of it, I can tell you that a great many people felt trul ...

Tags: Clear Channel Communications Inc., Opinion, SFX

Many bowl teams fail to make the grade

A long with millions of others, I sat back and looked forward to a series of great bowl games during the holidays. I knew that so many of the games would be great, the teams would play hard and that I would learn something about each of the schools through the public service announcemen ...

Tags: Colleges, NCAA, Opinion

NFL pay seems low? No mystery

In a recent column ( "Adversaries make for awkward allies," 11/25/02), John Genzale asked why the NFLPA appeared to be leaving money on the table in its dealings with the NFL. Three key elements underlie why NFL salaries have not increased as much as one might expect, given increases ...

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Front-office blues

S ometimes I dream about owning a baseball team; occasionally the dream turns into a nightmare ... It's just so damn confusing. Look, I'm a simple guy. I go to the office every day and try to run my business, just like any other working Joe. I gotta put bread on the table, a ...

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