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Study of avidity reveals 2 dimensions of sports fan

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 06 / 29 / 15

F or 22 years, the ESPN Sports Poll has been able to accurately predict amounts of sports fan behavior across a broad range of activities using measures of avidity, or fan “bigness.” The industry quite commonly talks abou...

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NFL makes the grade

N FL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue gave his state of the game speech before last week's Super Bowl. Here's my assessment of what's right and what's wrong with the business of the NFL. The main story is a good one. The NFL is a well-managed league. Tagliabue is a sober, smart ...

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Paul Allen still elusive

The Accidental Zillionaire . By Laura Rich. John Wiley & Sons, 250 pages, $27.95. P aul Allen is co-founder of Microsoft Corp., technology savant, map ...

Tags: Microsoft Corp., Opinion, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Seahawks, Vulcan Ventures

Playing the status game

O nce, maybe twice, a week I get spammed by the Oregon Sports Authority, an annoyance quickly remedied by the delete button on my dashboard. Some people in Portland really believe they have a shot getting a Major League Baseball team. We all know that their value is as a speed ...

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Teams can find hidden revenue

I f you fly to Miami for a weekend vacation, you'll pay less if you travel in August rather than January. While there, if you dine out at 5 p.m. rather than 9 p.m., you are likely to receive a hearty discount. But if you were a Heat fan in Miami, you would pay the same for a ti ...

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This Week's Cartoon


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This Week's Cartoon


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Dunn agreement should be enforced

There are two fundamental aspects to this [David Dunn-Leigh Steinberg] case, only one of which was adequately compensated. Steinberg, Moorad & Dunn was given a substantial jury award for the losses and damages caused by Athletes First in taking numerous clients. Those clients re ...

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This impact player earned Hall

T he Veterans Committee of the Baseball Hall of Fame votes this month by mail, and it has a chance to do something new under the sporting sun. It could elect a union leader to the illustrious shrine it represents. That person is Marvin Miller, former head of the Major League Ba ...

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The selling of LeBron James

L eBron James is an extraordinarily talented basketball player. His demonstrated physical skills are rare for anyone, let alone someone barely the age of majority. Soon, James will be worth double-digit millions of dollars before he ever plays a professional game, provided he e ...

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No NFL in L.A. a good thing?

I spent my winter vacation in the warmth of Southern California. Yet, even though I averted the winter snow that hit New York on Christmas Day, I was hit with another storm — the storm of gossip that filled L.A.'s sports talk radio (Sporting News Radio's 1540 KMPC included) su ...

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