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NFL current events could mean profound changes for sponsor relations

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 10 / 23 / 17

P resident Trump’s recent call to boycott the NFL triggered more than just defiant football players taking knees and outraging fans appalled at the players’ disrespect of the flag. Outside the media spotlight, something else has been g...

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NFL, Krafts make math add up

When it comes to national cultural rituals, the Super Bowl is it. It is New Year’s Eve and then some. Consider this. According to reports, some 21.5 million households were expected to host Super Bowl parties this year that wou ...

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Salaries forced teams from Canada

I sympathize with David Luchuk’s comments [“ Canada wants its NHL teams back ,” Jan. 31], but his history is out of whack — I was there, Charlie. The owners of the Quebec Nordiques (Marcel Aubut) and the Winnipeg Jets (Barry Shenkarow) fled Canada not for more pr ...

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SBJ’s soccer scorecard out of balance

Over the course of time, those of us in soccer have become quite accustomed to the treatment of soccer in the media. We have learned in many eloquent ways that, according to mass media news editors, soccer’s place is not mainstream. One of the ways that the media have done this is by r ...

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NFL takes safe route this time

Super Bowl XXXIX will never be remembered as “the greatest game ever,” nor will the surrounding festivities end up on a highlights reel. It was, if you will, a return to normalcy, both off the field and on. Conservative cultural forces predominated, and the Patriots strengthened their claim ...

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Genzale: And that’s the bare truth

I’m not into men’s butts. They’re kind of repulsive. I’m the kind of guy who diverts his eyes in the locker room because, well, there are parts of the male anatomy that are just not pleasant to look at. Some pe ...

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MLB spending gone crazy

Kevin McClatchy sees the writing on the wall and he doesn’t like what it says. “It seemed like there was sanity for a couple of years,” the owner of MLB’s Pittsburgh Pirates said recently, “but now all my brethren decided to go crazy.” What set McClatchy off is a baseball offseaso ...

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When college coaches cash in

I enjoyed John Genzale’s op-ed piece with regard to coaches [“ About those million-dollar coaches … ,” Jan. 10]. I thought his points were well-taken, but his concerns about commercialization ignore an even bigger scandal. Unlike every other arguably overpaid ...

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College sports must save itself

It is refreshing to see a publication call college sports what it is — big, big business and a business that is about money, first, last and always [ Special Report , Dec. 6]. It is time to save college sports from itself. The current commercialized college sports system ...

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Canada wants its NHL teams back

The National Hockey League has become so unpopular that its teams are being left out of the public financing bonanzas enjoyed by other sports. Labor woes are driving its American fan base into obscurity and may force some franchis ...

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