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Olympics, CBA at heart of struggle between players, NHL

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 02 / 20 / 17

J ust when you thought you had a few more years not to think about the NHL labor situation, Commissioner Gary Bettman opened a can of worms this past fall by making the league’s consent to participation in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic...

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China market: New game, old rules

China is changing our business. Not just the business of marketing the Olympic Games (although never before have we seen such excitement and passion by a host country’s populace as we are seeing today in China), but the business o ...

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Dot.coms paid well — in experience

Great story [“ Dot.com busts ,” July 26-Aug. 1]; you covered the dot.com experience well. Each person mentioned in the story is a friend of mine from their past positions and continues to be in their current roles. Our agency was formed when most of these people called lo ...

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Columnist provides only complaints

Does Andrew Zimbalist have some sort of vendetta against Bud Selig and/or Major League Baseball? It seems that each of his recent submissions to SportsBusiness Journal has done nothing but put down or question the work MLB has done without giving any concrete solutions for whatever he feels ...

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Customer service still alive

I read with interest the column by John Genzale, “ Customer service strikes out ” [July 19-25]. It has prompted me to invite you to attend a game at SBC Park. The Giants ownership has placed a premium on providing excellent guest service. They have given me all the resourc ...

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Athens an Olympic crossroads

Two decades ago, the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles transformed the Olympic Games into a sophisticated business driven by marketing and sponsorship partnerships. Now, the 2004 Summer Games in Athens could be as significant as what transpired 20 years ago. The hope is that these Summ ...

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Can U.S. sports sustain their popularity?

The labor difficulties of the National Hockey League, the financial problems of Major League Baseball, and the flat and sometimes declining television ratings for professional and college sports raise two questions about the futur ...

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Let the Games begin, indeed

The Patriot missiles have been primed. Safeties are off. The guards around the sensor-laden, double walls surrounding the Village are locked and loaded. Spy planes and antiterror blimps fly continuous reconnaissance missions. Sold ...

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Will MLB's comeback last?

It is nice finally to hear the baseball commissioner speaking positively about our national pastime. Whining about team finances has stopped. Excitement about attendance increases and greater competitive balance is overflowing. ...

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