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Fan engagement: What marketers can learn from baseball

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 04 / 13 / 15

W ith the start of the baseball season, we begin an annual ritual that has become part of our social fabric. The start of a new baseball season is as much about each of us as fans and people as it is about the games. This illustrates a well-kno...

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Fair play on the fairway

W hen sportswriters trivialize Annika Sorenstam's decision to compete against men at the PGA Tour's Colonial Open, I wonder if those guys realize where their next best story is coming from. Don't they get it? News is about what's new. When the guys at my local watering hole snicke ...

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Extra points for grassroots effort

We wholeheartedly agree with Andrew Zimbalist's very positive view of the NFL and the NFL Players Association [" It's report card time, and NFL makes the grade "] in your Feb. 3-9 issue. One point that he did not reference is the collective foresight of the league and the players a ...

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This Week's Cartoon

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Elmore has it right about LeBron

The coverage surrounding LeBron James is completely astounding, and I am more and more surprised everyday when I turn on my television how out-of-hand this subject has truly become. Our media can put such a great emphasis on a story that is great for high school sports, but I question ...

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Both sides of Title IX get it wrong

F undamental change to Title IX is wrong and reactionary, but efforts to address the issues that arise from its implementation and execution are necessary. Compliance with Title IX suggests assurance that gender equity is achieved in school sports. But on many college campuses, Title ...

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Portland’s only game is a win for all sides

While acknowledging the many benefits of Major League Baseball, John Genzale questions the priorities of a region that chooses to pursue an MLB franchise in times of economic distress [" Playing the status game ," Jan. 27-Feb. 2]. For the record, the mission of the Oregon Sports Au ...

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Cactus League blooms in the desert

T he scorecard on what pays in sports and what doesn't keeps shifting, and, for the most part, the news hasn't been good. Owning a big-time professional team once was considered a sure plus, but the Montreal Expos' purgatorial status and the recent National Hockey League bankruptcy case ...

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USOC must get back on track

T he resignation of U.S. Olympic Committee President Marty Mankamyer last week was a reprieve of sorts, but the USOC's recent meltdown was no surprise. A collapse of this magnitude takes years of managerial ineptitude, greed and a lack of business ethics. It can't be fixed by an exorcis ...

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NHL on thin ice without new cap

T he NHL needs some form of cost containment in order to avoid damage to the league's image as a financially sustainable sport off the ice, and to avoid a growing degree of competitive imbalance on the ice. Several NHL teams have been on fiscal thin ice for some time, and the r ...

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