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Paris, L.A. can shift the paradigm

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 08 / 14 / 17

S o, the decision was made. Two winners, no losers, joy in Mudville. Paris got the 2024 Summer Olympic Games and L.A.’s consolation prize was the notable honor of hosting in 2028. Clearly, the third time is still a charm and now both cit...

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Collegiate graduation numbers don’t tell the whole story

I am the guy who each March publishes the graduation rates of the Division I schools in the NCAA tournament and who each December publishes the graduation rates for the schools in the football bowl games. I do that because durin ...

Tags: Colleges, NCAA, Opinion

MLB up at the plate: Many hits, a few misses

Baseball’s Opening Day is a time for optimism, for hope, for new beginnings. It’s a lazy, sunny afternoon at the ballpark — or at least it was, when tradition called for each year’s first game to be a daytime affair in Cincinnati. It’s when your favorite team is und ...

Tags: Baseball, Century 21, ESPN, Gillette, MLB, Opinion

Congress has its eye on the wrong ball

Don’t these guys ever get embarrassed? Their constituents apparently find discussion of Social Security reform too confusing and have tuned out. To tune them back in, members of the House Government Reform Committee decided to ...

Tags: Baseball, MLB, Opinion

‘No worries. It’s a day at the ballpark’

My son gave me a call the other day and as often happens at this time of year, our conversation turned to baseball. He likes to talk about batting averages and pitching rotations and the chances in the East of the Phillies or the ...

Tags: Baseball, Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, MLB, New York Mets, Opinion, Philadelphia Phillies

Read what they say, watch what they do

There were two interesting quotes in the news last week that should be stored in our collective memory banks for the days ahead. “We all want to make more money.” — Bob McNair “I was stunned. I didn’t know it was there.” — Bud Selig Why are these quot ...

Tags: Baseball, Football, Houston Texans, MLB, NFL, Opinion

It’s a nightmare on steroids

The story has ruled the sports pages for months. The hype over Jose Canseco’s tell-all book helped it cross over from the sports pages to general news and mainstream media. And the congressional hearings of March 17, shown li ...

Tags: Baseball, MLB, Opinion

It’s Madness to miss value of tourney audience

Imagine an office pool in which you guess what percentage of American adults participated in an NCAA basketball tournament pool. My money would be on: “about 10 percent participate in pools.” I suspect the 10 percent pick would be ...

Tags: Basketball, Colleges, NCAA, NFL, Opinion

Too few sponsors share NCAA’s bright spotlight

It was front-page news when word leaked out a couple of weeks ago that State Farm was about to join the top sponsorship tier of the NCAA. What made it front-page news was not the size of the deal, but the rarity of it. State Farm would become only the fourth Corporate Champion under the NCA ...

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