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The future of live entertainment: ‘4-D fan engagement’

Published in SportsBusiness Journal on 06 / 19 / 17

D uring a recent snowstorm, my family and I were stranded in multiple airports across the country. As we jumped from terminal to terminal, we were inundated with ads for sports and entertainment events taking place in each particular city. The ad...

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Future shock: Baseball goes cyber

New York, 2055 — New York outfielder Eric “Microchip” Murphy has admitted to having a microchip surgically implanted at the base of his skull. The technology, known as HECE (hand eye coordination enhancement) is known to improve ...

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Hitting the high notes: Variations on a theme

One of the things we are reminded of each year when we host the Octagon/Street & Smith’s World Congress of Sports is that just about everyone in the industry, from owners and CEOs down to the people in the ticket office, spends most of their time thinking and talking about the same ...

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Single-entity NHL ownership too simple

Two weeks ago, Bain Capital and Game Plan LLC made a bold and tempting offer to the NHL. They would buy the entire league, all 30 teams, for $3.5 billion. The implied average franchise value is $116.7 million, but Bain and Game Plan said they had a formula to pay more than the average to h ...

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Our new look will serve you better

Nobody keeps the same look forever. Old hairstyles give way to new ones. Bell bottoms come in and (hopefully quickly) go out again. And how often do you see whitewall tires anymore? You’ll notice that we have a new look this w ...

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Big ripples spread from one small act

A petal gently falling on still water produces concentric ripples. A pebble tossed onto the same waters produces larger ripples. So when we seek change, we often throw bricks rather than bouquets. It’s the parent dwelling on the s ...

Tags: Baseball, Oakland Athletics, Opinion, San Francisco Giants, San Jose Sharks

24/7 fans offers challenges, payoffs

Sometimes numbers tell the story most clearly, so let’s turn to the scores: 200 million Americans call themselves sports fans. That’s seven of every eight adults. 170 million Americans carry cell phones. 15 million Americans play some form of fantasy sp ...

Tags: ESPN, MLS, Opinion

Open up the doors to other fans

Few decisions in business are more critical than figuring out what the customer base is and how to appeal to it. Bankruptcy court is littered with the corpses of companies that forgot why they existed and tried to be something they weren’t. Conversely, other companies fail to grow as m ...

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