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Nancy Lieberman, Basketball hall of famer; ESPN basketball analyst; head coach, NBA D-League


What I like …

An insight: You can’t always control your reputation, but you can always control your character.

An influential person in my career: Muhammad Ali. He gave me vision and my path to succeed no matter what obstacles are in front.

An out-of-the-box idea: X Games — making it mainstream.

A timeless idea: Loyalty. It’s so simple and costs nothing.

A business deal: Yankees and Cowboys teaming up at the stadium. That’s greatness.

A sports facility: Cowboys Stadium — it’s out of this world.

A sports event: Kentucky Derby. I just love the pageantry.

A strategy: Drawing up a game-winning buzzer-beater and we win my first game in the NBA D-League in November.

A hire: Mark Cuban hiring Terdema Ussery as president of the Mavs. He is brilliant.

A brand: “SportsCenter.” It’s all you need to know.

A trend: Love the fashion of Ed Hardy sneakers for kids.

An innovation: The movie “Avatar” — unreal.

A pro league or team business initiative: Do what MLB did: The winner of the All-Star Game gets home-court advantage.

A story that bears watching: NBA collective bargaining! No strike, please!

An idea or invention I wish I had thought of: C-Prime bracelets.

A fantasy job: Working for Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway.

What I Like About …

My job: I get a chance to teach people each day to never fear your dreams!

Competing: Nothing like winning.

Sports: Confidence and competition.

Sports business: Genius and visionaries.

Sports media: More forgiving of athletes.

The future (or direction) of sports business: Keep balance between paying athletes fairly and showing long-term loyalty to the fans.

Sports fans: Affordable ticket prices.

What I’d Like To …

Change: The culture of sportsmanship in games.

See more of in sports: Uniforms that fit. I dislike the shorts to the knees.

See less of in sports: Yelling at the referees. They are not trying to mess your game up.

See more of in sports business: Opportunity for minorities at all levels, especially ownership.

Change in what I do: Stop speeding, maybe. I love driving fast!

See different: More women’s CEO positions.

Eliminate: Discrimination. Be open-minded to all that are truly qualified.

What I Don’t Like …

Pet peeve: Be who you are in the light, as you are in the dark. Be real!

In sports: Fans booing their own team. Be a true fan and support your team in good and bad.

About sports fans: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.


What I like …

That would surprise those who know me: I love to take cooking classes.

About myself: Loyal, sensitive, loving and not patient!

Players: Dwight Howard (no tattoos), Martina Navratilova (her heart and openness; greatest ever on the tennis court).

Teams: New York Yankees — forever.

City: New York City and its energy.

Possession: My 1976 silver medal.

Memento: Joe DiMaggio’s autographed baseball (I forgot I had that).

Music: Hip-hop, thanks to my Detroit Shock players, who turned me on to that in 1998.

Authors: Ralph Sawyer (“Art of War”).

Chores: Cleaning my house — I actually enjoy it.

Trips: Puerto Rico for the Roberto Clemente Foundation.

Movies: “Bringing Down the House,” “Hitch” — I love funny and stupid.

TV: “Law & Order,” “CSI,” “SportsCenter,” NBA TV, CNN.

Concerts: Michael Jackson’s Victory Tour, 30th anniversary concert, MSG.

Artist: Elton John. His music, voice and longevity.

Food: Sushi, lobster.

Dessert: Pralines and cream ice cream.

Scent: Angel — I always get compliments. I wonder if that is why I wear it?

Vacation spot: Hawaii.

Cars: 2009 Bentley GTC convertible, burnt oak; 2009 black Escalade, black 24-inch rims.

Singer: Michael Jackson — friend, genius, sweetness, innocence, misunderstood and missed badly.

Quote: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” — Warren Buffett

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