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  • Lawrence Taylor, NFL Hall of Famer


    What I like …

    An insight: I take life a lot slower at 50 than I did at 30 and I’m a better person for it.

    An influential person in my career: My high school coach, Melvin Jones, and the late Giants owner Wellington Mara.

    An out-of-the-box idea: Golf balls with GPS and a floater.

    A timeless idea: A range finder on the golf course.

    A business deal: My relationship with Nutrisystem has changed my life.

    A sports facility: I haven’t been inside yet, but I’ve seen the outside of the New Meadowlands Stadium (it will always be Giants Stadium) and it looks amazing. Move over, Dallas.

    A sports event: Nothing bigger than the Super Bowl.

    A strategy: The one our coaches implemented against the Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

    A hire: The Giants hiring George Young in 1979 to be GM.

    A brand: Just For Men hair coloring.

    A trend: People more conscious about health and living smarter.

    An innovation: Sports medicine. The ability for athletes to recover from injury now is amazing.

    A pro league or team business initiative: The USFL. Donald Trump almost had me before they folded up the tents.

    A story that bears watching: President Obama’s health care plan.

    An idea or invention I wish I had thought of: Protective material to guard against concussions.

    What I Like About …

    My job: Freedom of not going to practice every day.

    Sports: Camaraderie and competition.

    Sports business: As a player, it’s simple … The better you perform, the more you get paid. I never had a problem with being paid on performance.

    Sports media: Do I really need to answer? It’s easy for the guys with notepads to throw darts.

    Sports technology: Takes the guessing out of the officials’ hands.

    Competing: The adrenaline can never be matched, whether it is on the football field or even the golf course.

    The future (or direction) of sports business: Owners always making a lot of money.

    Sports fans: Blind loyalty. They support you through good and bad, and Giants fans do bleed Giant blue.

    What I Would Like To …

    Change: Speed limits.

    Change in what I do: I’m actually content with my life.

    See: All my kids and grandkids lead happy, healthy, successful lives.

    See more of in sports: In football, let the quarterbacks get hit again.

    See less of in sports: Divas.

    See less of in sports business: Guys collecting money not based on performance.

    Eliminate: My bills

    What I Don’t Like …

    In general: Loud people.

    Pet peeve: Wearing shoes. I only wear sandals.

    In sports: Officials affecting the outcome of games.

    In business: Losing money.

    About sports fans: Being rude and uninformed.


    What I Like …

    People: I love kids; it’s adults I worry about.

    That would surprise those who know me: That I’m a very good driver.

    Above all else: Watching “Family Guy.”

    About myself: I’ve come a long way and have overcome some tremendous obstacles.

    Heroes: My dad, Bill Parcells, Captain Picard.

    Players: Harry Carson, George Martin and all my teammates throughout the years.

    Teams: 1986 and 1990 Giants.

    City: New York, no doubt.

    Possession: My Super Bowl rings and my golf clubs.

    Memento: My MVP trophy from ’86.

    Music: Old-time hip-hop and R&B.

    Books: “The Da Vinci Code.” I also love comic books.

    Author: Dan Brown.

    Magazines: GQ, Golf Digest.

    Hobbies: Golf, people watching.

    Movies: “Untouchables,” “Gladiator,” “2012.”

    TV: “Family Guy,” “Star Trek.”

    Concerts: Earth, Wind & Fire.

    Drink: Chivas.

    Cars: Escalade, especially one without dents.

    Quote: “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” — Vince Lombardi.

    Miscellaneous: I am very happy with my life and a little surprised I made it to 50.

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