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Laugh Track....The Doctor Will See You Now

Basketball HOFer Julius Erving appeared on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" last night to promote his new book, "Dr. J: The Autobiography." Host Stephen Colbert said, "You not only played basketball, you changed the game of basketball … because before you, there was no slam dunk." Erving replied, "Well, there was actually." But Colbert added, "No, it makes a better book if there wasn't." Colbert said, "When you would take off from the foul line and just sail like an angel through the air and come thundering down in vengeance upon your enemies by putting the ball right through the hoop, and sweat spraying off you like a fog of testosterone that would suck the ladies out of the stands into the backseat of your limo, what was that feeling like?" Erving: "It was epic" ("The Colbert Report," Comedy Central, 11/5). Watch the full interview on

Red Sox OFs Jonny Gomes and Shane Victorino appeared on TBS' "Conan" last night, with host Conan O'Brien asking about the beards the team grew during the season. O'Brien then said to Gomes, who was stroking his beard, "Please don't fondle it in front of me, it's very strange." O'Brien: "You guys single-handedly replaced the high-five with beard-tugging." Gomes said of the team chemistry and the idea the Red Sox were not the most talented team in the league, "Everyone talks about the chemistry and having a good time and keeping it loose. (But Red Sox GM) Ben Cherington and the staff didn't go out and get six rodeo clowns to sit in our clubhouse. He went out and got good ballplayers." O'Brien said the "greatest tradition in all of sports" is when the Red Sox win the World Series, "they ride in duck boats throughout all of Boston." Victorino noted Red Sox P Jake Peavy purchased the duck boat he rode in and "drove it to Alabama." Gomes: "Now we can have a World Series parade whenever we want at Jake's house" ("Conan," TBS, 11/5). Watch highlights from Conan's interview of Gomes and Victorino.
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