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Keith Olbermann Discusses Perception As Difficult Employee, Return To ESPN

Olbermann says his reputation is not as bad as it has been made out to be
ESPN's Keith Olbermann appeared on PBS' "Charlie Rose" on Monday, and said he is more comfortable working in sports than politics because it is his "original language." Rose noted Olbermann "went back to sports" after his time at MSNBC and added, "Most don’t go back." Olbermann: "Well, I've done this several times. ... Not many people go back but my career path does not match many other people." Rose said, "You don't just leave people (who employ you) angry." Olbermann described that perception as "overblown." But he added, "Some of the reputation is not true. I'm not saying I'm the world's easiest employee and I've never won the 'Employee of the Month' award nor would I want to. But the idea that, 'You can’t work with him and he has sparks coming out his ears,' this is not true. Why would they bring me back if I was that bad?" Olbermann said of being a better employee, "I began to invest in something called 'therapy' when I was 38 years old because ... let me just see if there's somebody out there who can give me a fresh perspective on this and that began the process." Olbermann said of planning the format of his new show with ESPN, "They said, 'When politics touches sports, go right ahead,' and I said, 'I'm going to use that one out of every 10 times it occurs. I'm going to try and avoid it ... simply so that there is separation of church and state.' They may be next door to one another on occasion, but that's a sports show and I want people to know it's a sports show" ("Charlie Rose," PBS, 8/11).
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