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Fox' "Family Guy" Bases Latest Episode Around NFL, As Peter Griffin Attends A Patriots Game

"Family Guy" last night addressed the culture of alcohol at sporting events
The influence of the NFL was on display last night during Fox' newest episode of "Family Guy," as the storyline featured Peter Griffin and his friends seeking to find God to ask him to stop interfering in the outcome of Patriots games. The episode opens in the parking lot of Gillette Stadium for a Bills-Patriots game with the Griffin family, Joe Swanson, Glenn Quagmire and Cleveland Brown tailgating before the game. Peter Griffin gets a beer from the cooler and says, "Nothing better than a 7:00am beer in an unbrushed mouth." The show, of course, is not known for pulling its punches or subtlety, and "The NFL Experience" Chris Griffin visits in the parking lot is quite different from the one the NFL exhibits. As Chris enters the tent, a sleazy-looking agent approaches with a contract and pen in his hand and says, "Kid, you're the best. Sign with me and you're going to make millions." Griffin signs the contract and a "coach" throws a jersey on him and tells him to "get out there." At that point, the "trainer" hits him in the leg with a bat and offers the diagnoses, "It's his knee." The "doctor" arrives and says, "You'll never play football again." The agent then tears up the contract, tells him, "Too bad kid." Chris is then hit on the head with a heavy purse by an African-American woman who said, "You was gonna buy me a house!" Chris after being hit in the head with the purse said, "Now I have headaches. I'm going to save my brain for science." He then shoots himself in the chest.

FOOTBALL FUNNIES: During the game, the culture of alcohol at sporting events also is addressed, with Peter noting of two fans in the crowd, "This is my favorite part of the game when two drunk guys, each holding a baby, get into a fistfight." Peter later adds, "Now here comes security to kick out the wrong person." The storyline starts to emerge as late in the game, the Patriots have to just run out the clock but instead fumble the snap and the Bills return it for the game-winning touchdown, the tenth loss in a row for the Patriots. Bills RB C.J. SPILLER tells the Fox NFL postgame show, "All thanks and praise goes to God. He really won this one for us." At this point, Peter, Cleveland, Glenn and Joe search for God's "address" before meeting with "Death" played by ADAM CAROLLA, who takes them to visit heaven. Peter tells God, "Why ya gotta hurt Patriots' fans? These are good, drunk people who work hard to get absolutely nowhere in life. There are three million fishermen and only seven fish left in the sea, but they live to watch football, many of them still on Zenith or Sylvania television sets. Please God, we're begging you, leave football alone." At this point, God admits he doesn't have a problem with Patriots fans, but "it's Belichick. I don't like him. I gave that guy three Super Bowls and he never smiled once, not even at home. Be grateful!" God said if they can "make Belichick smile, I'll let the Patriots win again." They meet with Bellichick and make him smile with tales of Joe's life ("Family Guy," Fox, 3/16). Last night marked the second time the Patriots were the focus of a "Family Guy" episode, as the team also was featured during an episode in '06 (THE DAILY).
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