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In 140 Characters Or Less: Notable Tweets Of The Year

With an increasing number of sports execs, athletes and journalists taking to social media to express their thoughts, THE DAILY recalls some tweets from the past year that had us talking.'s Steve Elling: “So, Tiger said Hank writing book about him 'is about money.' As opposed to Tiger playing in Abu Dhabi next week versus Torrey Pines?"

N.Y. Times' Ben Shpigel: "The day after the Giants win the Super Bowl, the two most e-mailed NYT sports stories involve Alberto Contador and Madonna."'s Jimmy Traina: "If Peyton goes to Denver and they release Tebow, the Jets should sign him so he can be in a big market and get some media attention."

"The Dan Patrick Show" producer Paulie Pabst: "The new NFL is like the new Times Square. It's safer and cleaner...but the old version was much more fun."

ESPN The Magazine’s Molly Knight: "Frank McCourt set to walk away with a billion dollars in profit after taking the LOS ANGELES DODGERS into bankruptcy. What a world."

Yahoo Sports Radio's Sean Pendergast: "Remember 'Animal House' when Flounder borrowed his big bro's car & trashed it? Well... Flounder=Marinatto, Big bro=Tranghese, Car=Big East."

Taylor Strategy's Zack Smith: "Won't be advising my branded athlete spokespeople to answer reporter's questions like Bryce Harper. Mostly as I'm scared of clowns. And bros."’s Todd Behrendt: "Report: James Bond will participate in Opening Ceremony. Russian athletes, you have been officially warned. #licensetokill"

NBC's Jeremy Roenick: "Another day w/out hockey and the sports media is starting to forget its even hockey season. It's wrong on so many levels. Lock the door!!!!"

Political commentator Keith Olbermann: "Amazing that all those ripping my friend Bob Costas about 2nd Amendment would, had he taken opposing view, be defending him using the 1st."

HolterMedia President Pete Holtermann: "Did Pope (@pontifex) join Twitter this week just to break story on new Catholic hoops league? Big East 7 + 5 more = 12 Apostles Conference."

Washington Post's J. Freedom du Lac: "Washington Nationals, first in war, first in peace, first in the National League East. And, uh, 15th in MLB attendance."

ESPN L.A.’s Ramona Shelburne: "Lance may be guilty. But what has done for cancer research makes him a hero to me and anyone who has been touched by that awful disease. … I'll let Walt explain my feelings on Lance: 'Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.'"

Sports broadcasting agent Debbie Spander: "Wow...#Nike sponsors#Pistorius' prosthetic legs...they are everywhere in #London. Smart sponsorship move."

ESPN's Dan Graziano: "Happy 100th Birthday, Fenway Park. Last time I was there, you didn't look a day over 412."

Former boxer Evander Holyfield: "@MikeTyson Check out Real Deal BBQ Sauce video! U won't believe what this sauce can actually go on besides ears!"

ESPN's Buster Olney: "This is 1,078th day since MLB committee began studying Athletics/San Jose sit., or 776 days longer than Warren Commission study/report."

A's Account Manager Josh Feinberg: "Jeremy Lin was a MAN tonight. First #NBA start and the Garden crowd chanting 'MVP'. Will it happen again? Doubtful."

"Late Show" writer Eric Stangel: "Tim Thomas refuses to go to International House of Pancakes because he doesn't like their dependence on foreign syrups."

Fox Soccer Plus Marketing Coordinator Will Exline: "Can a brand ever create something comparable to the Gatorade bath?"
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