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Ryan Lochte Sends Up Public Perception During Cameo On NBC's "30 Rock"

Lochte plays the role of "sex idiot" in his cameo appearance on NBC's "30 Rock"
U.S. Gold Medal-winning swimmer RYAN LOCHTE made his first of two known post-Olympics appearances in a primetime show Thursday night, making a cameo in NBC’s “30 Rock.” One of the shows’ plotlines centered around Jack Donaghy, played by ALEC BALDWIN, juggling four women at once. While out with one girlfriend, Mindy, he meets one of his other lady friends, Zarina Sbarro who is heir to the Sbarro “slice and calzone fortune,” on the street and is concerned she may be upset or jealous. Jack tells Zarina, “I know this is awkward but we never said we were exclusive and like a silverback gorilla or MITT ROMNEY’s grandfather, I require more than one woman to…” Zarina interrupted and said, “Jack, I understand. I’m sure Mindy gives you certain things I can’t.” Smiling, Jack replied, “Indeed, the woman appears to have no hip joints. Thank you for being so…” At this point, Lochte walks up wearing a leather jacket with no shirt on underneath and said, “Zarina, another old guy wanted to buy my shirt. Old guys are so funny.” Jack asked, “Who is this?” Zarina introduced them and Jack said, “Ryan,” and Lochte replied, “What’s up?” Then Zarina leans in and whispers in Jack’s ear, “Ryan is my sex idiot.” While Zarina and Jack are talking, Lochte and Jack’s “sex idiot” Mindy start kissing, to which Zarina says, “No Ryan Lochte!” Then she stamps her foot like scolding a child and says, “Focus.” Later in the show, Jack receives a group e-mail from Zarina and wants to know who else she is seeing so he looks at the e-mail addresses. Jack sees Lochte’s address and said, “Ryan Lochte -- misspelled --” Lochte is scheduled to appear on the CW's "90210" later this season (“30 Rock,” NBC, 10/18).
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