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  • SBD/SBJ Reader Survey: Media, Sponsorships And The NFL

    THE DAILY each day this week is presenting the results from the seventh annual SportsBusiness Daily/SportsBusiness Journal readers survey on the state of the sports industry. Today, we look at an overview of the media, sponsorships and the NFL. Turnkey Sports & Entertainment partnered with SBD/SBJ on the survey.

    Favorite TV play-by-play personality

    Bob Costas 29.7%
    Al Michaels 23.7%
    Jim Nantz 20.6%
    Gus Johnson 20.1%
    Joe Buck 17.5%

    Note: Respondents could make up to three selections
    Respondents: 1,106

    Event that is produced the best on television

    Super Bowl 35.1%
    Masters 24.0%
    Final Four 18.5%

    Respondents: 1,156

    Favorite major league website 29.3% 19.2% 11.9% 7.6% 7.5%

    Respondents: 1,218

    League/property with the best overall digital strategy

    MLB 31.2%
    NFL 24.2%
    NHL 10.6%
    NBA 10.1%
    MLS 5.0%

    Respondents: 1,218

    Favorite sports-related mobile app

    ESPN ScoreCenter 24.1% At Bat 17.7%
    March Madness on Demand 9.3%
    NHL GameCenter 5.8%
    NFL Mobile 5.3%

    Respondents: 1,218

    Favorite independent sports website

    Yahoo! Sports 32.1%
    Deadspin 16.4%
    Bleacher Report 11.3%
    USA Today Sports 10.5%

    Respondents: 1,102

    Media group that has the best chance to cut into ESPN’s sports media dominance

    NBC 42.9%
    Fox 18.9%
    Nobody 15.3%

    Respondents: 1,149


    Favorite TV game analyst

    Cris Collinsworth 25.0%
    Kirk Herbstreit 22.2%
    Troy Aikman 18.5%
    Jon Gruden 15.9%
    Jay Bilas 13.6%
    John McEnroe 13.1%

    Note: Respondents could make up to three selections
    Respondents: 1,100

    Favorite sport-specific studio show

    College GameDay (ESPN, football) 36.3%
    Baseball Tonight (ESPN) 23.8%
    MLB Tonight (MLB Network) 14.4%
    Football Night in America (NBC) 11.9%
    Fox NFL Sunday (Fox) 11.9%
    Inside the NBA (TNT) 10.3%

    Note: Respondents could make up to three selections
    Respondents: 1,122

    Favorite network-affiliated sports website 72.4% 10.9% 6.4%
    Turner-SI digital 5.5% 4.0%

    Respondents: 1,133

    Network that does the best job covering the NFL

    ESPN 35.9%
    Fox 25.5%
    CBS 15.2%
    NBC 11.7%
    NFL Network 11.7%

    Respondents: 1,119

    Does ESPN need a strong competitor?

    Yes 65.1%
    No 26.4%
    No opinion 8.5%

    Respondents: 1,149

    Sports network that consistently has the highest production values

    ESPN 35.3%
    NBC 17.5%
    They are basically the same 16.8%
    CBS 11.4%
    Fox 10.7%

    Respondents: 1,130

    If you were a brand, would you sign quarterback Michael Vick as an endorser?

    No 70.0%
    Yes 24.5%
    No opinion 5.5%

    Respondents: 1,160

    Property a corporate sponsor would most want to identify with

    NFL 68.7%
    MLB 12.2%
    MLS 5.0%
    NHL 4.7%
    NASCAR 4.1%
    NBA 2.3%

    Respondents: 1,171

    Corporate sponsor you would most want aligned with your property

    Nike 20.5%
    Apple 13.5%
    Coca-Cola 12.1%
    Anheuser-Busch 5.0%

    Respondents: 1,192


    If you were a chief marketing officer, would you align your brand with the UFC?

    No, sport isn't a fit 55.4%
    Yes, hits perfect demo 28.3%
    No opinion 16.2%

    Respondents: 1,158

    How will sports sponsorship spending change over the next five years?

    Increase dramatically 15.8%
    Increase slightly 56.4%
    Remain the same 15.5%
    Decrease slightly 8.1%
    Decrease dramatically 2.0%

    Respondents: 1,162

    Most effective NFL team owner

    Robert Kraft (New England Patriots) 43.0%
    Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys 13.7%
    Publicly owned, nonprofit corp. (Green Bay Packers) 12.7%
    Art Rooney (Pittsburgh Steelers) 7.9%

    Respondents: 1,250

    Least effective NFL team owner

    Mike Brown (Cincinnati Bengals) 21.0%
    Al Davis estate (Oakland Raiders) 15.5%
    Daniel Snyder (Washington Redskins) 8.2%
    Wayne Weaver (Jacksonville Jaguars) 8.1%

    Respondents: 1,250

    When Nike gets the NFL’s uniform contract next year, would you say that is ...

    A good thing. They'll breathe new live into the looks of the uniforms. 43.4%
    A neutral event. You’ll see little change with uniforms. 35.5%
    A bad thing. They’ll go too far in uniform design and harm traditions. 19.4%

    Respondents: 1,222

    Sponsor that does the best job activating around the NFL

    Anheuser-Busch 28.9%
    Verizon 12.3%
    Papa John’s 11.9%

    Respondents: 1,172


    Team most likely to relocate to the Los Angeles market

    Jacksonville Jaguars 48.8%
    San Diego Chargers 24.4%
    Expansion franchise 11.8%

    Respondents: 1,199

    If the NFL returns to the Los Angeles market, the local team’s stadium will be located in ...

    Farmers Field (L.A. Live)/AEG 77.8%
    City of Industry (Grand Crossing)/Edward Roski 9.4%
    Neither 12.8%

    Respondents: 1,184

    NFL team that has shown the most innovation in its business practices

    Dallas Cowboys 26.1%
    New England Patriots 11.4%
    Green Bay Packers 9.3%

    Respondents: 1,250

    Biggest threat to the success of the NFL

    Rising ticket prices 34.5%
    Improved technology for at-home viewing 29.0%
    Concussions 17.5%
    In-stadium fan behavior 11.9%
    Other 7.0%

    Respondents: 1,226

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