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"60 Minutes" Profiles Jerry Jones During Disappointing Season

Jones Discusses Cowboys' Struggles This
Season On Last Night's "60 Minutes"

Cowboys Owner JERRY JONES was profiled on CBS' "60 Minutes" last night, with CBS' Scott Pelley saying Jones is the "most innovative, controversial and bombastic owner in the NFL." Jones is the only owner "who is also a celebrity, and he's the only owner who carried the title General Manager." Pelley: "He picks the players, hires the coaches, runs the business." The Cowboys are 4-9 after entering the season with Super Bowl aspirations, but the team is "still riding high." A quarter of "all NFL memorabilia has Cowboys written all over it," while Forbes ranks the Cowboys just ahead of the Yankees as the "most valuable American sports franchise, worth more than $1.6 billion." Pelley: "That's why we were so surprised when Jones, sitting in his owner's suite, told us that even now he is haunted by hard times." Pelley said, "You're terrified of being broke." Jones: "Yes." Pelley: "You're worth $2 billion." Jones: "But Scott, unlike a professional, there's no doctor's degree to fall back on. There's no job to fall back on. What's out there is to keep your voice from breaking, grab a briefcase, jump in a car and go try to sell somebody. I don't want to go back that far and so yeah, I run scared." Pelley sat with Jones in the owner's suite at Cowboys Stadium for the Oct. 31 game against the Jaguars, which the Cowboys lost 35-17, and Jones "looked like a parent watching his child dart through traffic." Pelley: "It isn't a game, it isn't a business. It's his life." Jones said, "What you're seeing right now is agony." Pelley asked after the game, "It's got to be somebody's fault." Jones: "It's mine. It is mine. The way this thing is structured, it's mine." Pelley: "Is it time to step away from being manager of the team?" Jones: "Well, if it is then it was time to step away 22 years ago because it was the very same thing, the criticism of coming in and basically being the day-to-day manager of the team" ("60 Minutes," CBS, 12/12).

CALLING AN AUDIBLE: In Dallas, Barry Horn writes Pelley "did a nice job on a piece CBS planned to be a coronation for an owner on his way to hosting his own team in a Super Bowl in his personal palace." It instead was a "glimpse into Jones' personal 'agony,' otherwise known (as) the 2010 season" (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 12/13).

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