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  • Cuban Interested In Creating College Football Playoff System

    Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban said that he "is 'actively interested but in the exploratory stage' of creating and funding a playoff system to crown a champion for major college football," according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN DALLAS. Cuban: "The more I think about it, the more sense it makes as opposed to buying a baseball team. You can do something the whole country wants done." Cuban said that he has "talked to two athletic directors from BCS conferences who were extremely enthusiastic about the idea," and he "intends to contact several school presidents and state senators in the coming weeks to determine whether the idea is worth pursuing." Cuban said that "one way to push school presidents toward approving the idea would be to lobby major donors of college athletic programs." He "suggested convincing the donors to cut off their donations until the presidents approved a playoff system." Cuban added that he "envisions either a 12- or 16-team playoff field with the higher seeds getting homefield advantage" (, 12/15).

    LOOKING FOR A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Cuban said, “Like everybody else who is a college football fan I hate the BCS simply because of all the inefficiencies. My orientation always is if there's something that everybody hates and there's all kind of inefficiencies and there's lack of transparency, then somewhere in there there's a business opportunity." He added, “Everybody is always asking me, 'Are you going to buy the Dodgers or this team or that team?' And it just dawned on me that for the amount of money that I would consider spending on a baseball franchise, you could take that money and probably turn the BCS upside down and create a playoff system and so we've started the process of looking at that. Syndicated radio host Dan Patrick asked, "You've ruled out now buying a baseball team?" Cuban: "I haven't completely ruled it out, but this sounds like a lot more interesting, a lot more fun and a lot better business." He added that would choose to change the BCS over owning a team like the Dodgers because if he changed the BCS, "you go down in history and you make a lot people happy and it could be a really, really good business” (“The Dan Patrick Show,” 12/16).

    CUBAN'S CALLING: In Dallas, Eddie Sefko noted Cuban "has been reading the book 'Death to the BCS' and it has gotten him thinking about how a lucrative playoff system could change colleges, and perhaps even lower tuitions that have skyrocketed in recent years" (, 12/15). YAHOO SPORTS' Matt Hinton wrote, "Maybe Cuban is the first guy, after all these years, with the will and the bank account to achieve the heretofore impossible dream" (, 12/15).

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