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Talks Recently Held About Reviving World Cup Of Hockey Event

World Cup Of Hockey Has Not Been Held
Since '04, But Plans Are Being Floated For '13

Conversations "recently took place once again" to bring the World Cup of Hockey "back to life," according to sources cited by Pierre LeBrun of The event has not been held since '04, but there are "different ideas being floated around right now, including a plan to hold the next World Cup in September 2013, five months before" the '14 Sochi Games. The September '13 idea is "conceptual at this point and far from any official proposition." There are "pitfalls with the idea," as the NHL and NHLPA "first and foremost ... have yet to commit to Sochi in 2014." But LeBrun wrote the idea is "still interesting" (, 11/13).

WARMING THE ICE: In N.Y., Larry Brooks wrote he has "warmed up to" the NHL's new All-Star Game format, in which captains select the rosters for the two teams regardless of conference, "after initially dismissing it on Twitter." The selection of the two rosters might "get more notice than" the game itself. But Brooks added, "Doesn't baseball's Monday Home Run Derby attract more attention than Tuesday's game? And what exactly would be the harm?" Meanwhile, Brooks wrote he hopes the NHL and the players "would be intuitive enough not to name" Penguins C Sidney Crosby or Capitals LW Alex Ovechkin as a captain for the game, "so that both would be on the board and eligible for drafting." Brooks also hopes the NHLPA "wouldn't object to a last-man standing scenario" during the selection of the rosters (N.Y. POST, 11/14). 

WORTHY OF EMULATING:'s Ryan Corazza wrote while the NHL "appears to still be sorting things out" in terms of a social media policy, the NFL's and NBA's policies are "worth emulation." The NFL "doesn't allow use of social media or networking sites for players, coaches and football operations personnel up to 90 minutes before kickoff," and "only after media interview obligations have concluded postgame can players bust out the cell phone and get to tweeting." The NBA's policy is "near identical," though "instead of 90 minutes before games, it's 45." Corazza wrote adopting a policy is "about a happy medium," as to "restrict players from using the service entirely isn't a sound business or personal relations practice for the league or its players going forward." Corazza: "Social media has its drawbacks, but it's imperative for leagues, teams and players to be where the conversation -- and the money -- is headed" (, 11/12).

STATE OF MISMANAGEMENT: THE HOCKEY NEWS' Ken Campbell writes it "can be safely said that as a league, the NHL has gotten worse, not better, at managing itself during the post-lockout era." Many execs "still haven't fully grasped the concept of cap space as an asset," and teams "generally speaking ... still follow a market that is dictated by bad signings." The "biggest problem, perhaps, is that teams don't seem to be learning from the mistakes of others." Campbell: "Until they do, they'll continue to have all kinds of trouble navigating their way through a system that was originally designed to help them" (THE HOCKEY NEWS, 11/15 issue).

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